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Why Don't We Remember Our Past Lives? (Episode about Past Lives) - Teal Swan

Why Don't We Remember Our Past Lives? (Episode about Past Lives) - Teal Swan

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Why Don't We Remember Our Past Lives? (Episode about Past Lives) - Teal Swan

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

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We are eternal. This means we have been projecting forth into physical lives and withdrawing from them over and over and over again. You are the culmination of every life you have ever lived. When you die, you line up with everything that life has caused you to desire. That is pure positive energy. Which means that you don't drag baggage with you. You may choose to "opt" into new contrast though based on a past life you have lived.

Your eternal aspect is not oriented towards the past; it is always using the past as a platform for what is to come. We are always oriented towards the expansion the improvement. When you come into a new l...


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