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StereoTypes - No Homo

StereoTypes - No Homo

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StereoTypes - No Homo

Did the white man bring homosexuality to Africa? Who is "the gay rapper"? Would homophobes prefer to be around lesbians or gay men? We dig deep for answers to these pressing questions.

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    Jun 03, 2013 · Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert's apology for using the anti-gay slur "no homo" isn't enough. He didn't even mention the people he slurred, the gay community.


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    The term no homo originated in East Harlem slang of the early 1990s. It was used by many to distance themselves from the stereotype of closeted gay and bisexual men. “There was Game 3 here that I felt I let Paul [George] down in terms of having ...

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    But using this phrase only serves to legitimize and perpetuate these unreal stereotypes, and make “no homo” users appear unsure of themselves. Men are almost always the ones to say “no homo,” but sometimes women say it, too. Females using the ...

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    Concurrent to the increasing visibility of non-heterosexuals in mainstream awareness over the past several decades has been an expansion and calcification of masculine and feminine stereotypes ... if accompanied by a “no-homo” pass.)

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    Big Roy is not then, the stereotype of a bruising humorless NBA thug (a ... several times over the course of 48 minutes of play. Roy Hibbert opted for no homo. He made a mistake, and he made it in front of the bright lights. We love a good scandal, we ...

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    As the the ancient saying goes: homo homini lupus ... s second novel is a bit more cartoonish. Murdoch has no redeeming qualities. He is cold and sadistic, and calls to mind the Nazi-doctor stereotype so commonplace in the Hollywood films that Duncan ...

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    No homo.” “Great haircut, man. No homo ... and extreme discretion in who they share certain interests with, if those happen to have a stereotype attached (figure skating, anyone?). And no homo extends far beyond tagging those words onto ...

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    There's no doubt those are stereotypes that need unpacking ... Even the pervasive use of the expression "that's so gay" seems to have slightly declined in recent years (though "no homo" may have risen to take its place). Yet LGBT students' reports of ...

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    No matter who we are, no matter what we are ... it’s the homosexuality? And old stereotypes still exist. The most benign stereotypes would have a gay kid believe that they will end up being the asexual, witty best friend of the pretty girl, or a drag ...

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