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A Guide To Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Antics

A Guide To Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Antics

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A Guide To Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Antics

There's all the allegations of plagiarism and some high-profile Twitter feuds, but that's just the beginning of some of the more bizarre antics of actor Shia LaBeouf.

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    Shia LaBeouf has done some bizarre things lately, but let's hear a tale from Channing Tatum. ... A Guide to Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Antics. 01:01. 09 Feb 2014.


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  • entertainment.time.com    A Guide To Shia LaBeouf’s Bizarre Antics

    In recent weeks, Shia LaBeouf has been accused of plagiarism, has been involved in some high-profile Twitter feuds, and took to the sky to make amends. But that’s just the beginning of some of the more bizarre antics of the Hollywood actor.

    Time Entertainment   •   6 years ago


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    The bizarre video ends with LaBeouf grasping at the girl during ... in the post-apocalyptic thriller Man Down. In it, Shia - who joined the US National Guard this year - reunited with his Guide to Recognizing Your Saints …

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    Shia LaBeouf’s recent bizarre behavior may surprise some fans of the once-wide-eyed “Even Stevens” star, who first became a household name when he starred on the Disney series at the age of 10. But a look at LaBeouf’s time in the limelight shows ...

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  • www.independent.co.uk    Sia apologises for 'Elastic Heart' music video that sees Shia LaBeouf wrestle 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler

    When you get Shia LaBeouf and a 12-year-old girl cage dancing ... not to upset anybody.” LaBeouf, 28, is known for bizarre antics in the name of art, while Maddie Ziegler is best known for reality series Dance Moms.

    The Independent   •   5 years ago


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    If you didn't really care about Shia LaBeouf's plagiarism apology, now you might! His super public apology also featured plagiarism!! Is this guy just... Shia LaBeouf just keeps on plagiarizing apology after apology. Take a look at list of the instances ...

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  • timesofindia.indiatimes.com    Shia LaBeouf pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in cabaret disruption case

    a publicist for the 28-year-old said the actor had begun receiving treatment for alcoholism and the judge has ordered him to complete a three-month course of treatment. The actor made no comment as he left court. WATCH: A Guide To Shia LaBeouf's …

    Times of India   •   5 years ago


  • uproxx.com    Shia LaBeouf Tells Ellen That A ‘Judgment Error’ Is To Blame For His Bizarre Antics

    When it comes to his troubling behavior over the past two years or so, Shia LaBeouf should probably have a hell of a strong excuse. After all, in the last four months alone, he was cuffed and pulled out of a Broadway play for smoking and yelling like an A ...

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  • www.qt.com.au    Sia responds to criticism for 'Elastic Heart' music video

    WHEN you get Shia LaBeouf and a 12-year-old girl cage dancing ... my intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody." LaBeouf, 28, is known for bizarre antics in the name of art, while Maddie …

    The Queensland Times   •   5 years ago


  • www.contactmusic.com    James Franco Writes Essay On Shia LaBeouf's Weird Behaviour: "I Hope It's Nothing Serious"

    James Franco has penned an article for the NY Times opinion pages, in which he dissects the recently questionable behaviour of his fellow actor, Shia LaBeouf ... "HE CRAZY" in response to such antics as plagiarism, weird tweets, wearing a paper bag ...

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