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You Take Me There - Skeye

You Take Me There - Skeye

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You Take Me There - Skeye

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"You Take Me There" is an original by John & Lindsey (Skeye)

Fallin with the rain today
On this grey day
And watchin from my safe window pane
The trees reachin to the sky
Reachin for a better higher place
The clouds cry their rain down
From the eye and runnin down the face
The tears burn into the ground
And water all the trees reachin up

You take me there, you do
You take me there, you do
You take me there, you do
You take me there, you do

Thunder has its way with grey
As I hear this war
Raging on and conquering the world
For you, lightening pays its due
Illuminating all that I could do without
But I can't move the clouds
To show me this better higher place ...


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