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Boris Spassky's Psycho Rook Sacrifice

Boris Spassky's Psycho Rook Sacrifice

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Boris Spassky's Psycho Rook Sacrifice

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Boris Spassky was well-known for his creative and aggressive style that resulted in many outstanding victories over the contemporary grandmasters of his time. In the following chess video, viewers will witness one of the most incredible sacrifices ever played where Spassky gives away a rook for no material compensation - only to receive a critical tempo for his attack against the opponent's king. The opponent in this game - GM Bent Larsen - was a huge proponent of strange openings, specifically playing along the lines of Hypermodern ideals (Hypermodern Openings concede the center to your opponent, so that you ...


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    Karpov vs Spassky. USSR Teams | ? 526 ... Variation of the Spanish Game, one of Boris Spassky's ... of a plan in which he will sacrifice the exchange by allowing ...


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    Sep 14, 1992 · Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky ... Fischer now leads with three victories to Spassky's ... Ra1! 38 Ka1 Qa7 39 Kb1 Qe3, he sharply sacrificed rook for ...


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    Sep 07, 1992 · ... Game 4 of his exhibition match with Boris Spassky ... a very nice positional sacrifice of rook for bishop ... Spassky's advantage was ...


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    Feb 06, 2006 · (White is allowing a pretty rook sacrifice that finishes ... Spassky's Birthday. The legendary world champion Boris Spassky celebrated his 69th birthday ...


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    Boris Spassky's advance allows White to grab space ... The point of the whole sacrifice: the white king has to block the rook on h1. Jammed in the corner, the rook is unable to join the game for a while. Simple counting shows Black having only a bishop ...

    Lubomir Kavalek   •   The Huffington Post   •   5 years ago


  • www.nytimes.com    Rusty-Looking Fischer Is Outwitted by Spassky

    Mr. Spassky's 7 dc has been considered quite harmless ... Mr. Spassky made a very nice positional sacrifice of rook for bishop and pawn with 20 Rc5! Nc5 21 Bb4, which brought about a position that was certainly not worse for White. Indeed, after 26 ...

    New York Times   •   27 years ago


  • www.dailykos.com    DKos Chess Tournament: The Greatest Chess Match Ever Played

    The first game between Fischer and Soviet grandmaster and defending champion Boris Spassky ... allowing Fischer to sacrifice his second Bishop to gain a Rook, a maneuver which would later prove critical. Despite Spassky's Pawn advantage on the left ...

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    David Bronstein v Boris Spassky ... offers a despairing sacrifice which there seems no reason to decline. But if you do turn it down, your rival's game immediately improves. That was Spassky's dilemma in this game between two chess legends.

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    The showdown between Fischer and Boris Spassky ... where it's at." Spassky's ego was broken in Iceland. Fischer accelerated away to the title, playing some of the most sublime chess ever witnessed in championship competition. In Bobby Fischer …

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    RxQ, White`s rook swoops down 30. RxRch, followed by 31. B- R6, winning. So Celorio played 29...R-QB1 and Sills again opposed rooks, 30. R-B1, prompting Celorio to settle for a draw in a most picturesque position. Boris Spassky`s winning move from …

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    The youngest among them was Boris Spassky, 18 at that time ... you," FIDE president Folke Rogard told him at the closing ceremony. Clearly, 1955 was Spassky's year, but it would take him another 14 years before he became the champion of the world.

    Washington Post   •   14 years ago


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    You can ignore the technical stuff and write about powerful queenside attacks, hammering rook assaults, intense positional struggle ... Spassky and his team were subjected to a humiliating postmortem, and Spassky’s travel privileges were suspended ...

    Louis Menand   •   The New Yorker   •   16 years ago


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    Former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has died of kidney failure ... He did surface briefly in 1992 to play a rematch against Boris Spassky. Thirty games were played, with Fischer winning ten to Spassky’s five. Fischer turned fifty during the match.

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