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How To: Make Homemade Brush Cleaner

How To: Make Homemade Brush Cleaner

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How To: Make Homemade Brush Cleaner

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About this video:
This is simple, fast, easy and costs literally close to nothing.
**The colorant does NOT dye bristles at all!**
1 CUP Distilled or Filtered Water
1/4 CUP Rubbing Alcohol or Witch Hazel
1 T Conditioning Shampoo
Optional: 1/2 T Leave in Conditioning Spray
Optional: One drop of Pink or Purple Colorant (Does not discolor bristles)

Mix well and pour into container of your choice.

I have used this for months now and it works great. My brushes are always soft and clean.

Please try to clean your brushes regularly. Not cleaning them will result in bacterial buildu...


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