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Satan Claus EXPOSED !!! Santa = Satan

Satan Claus EXPOSED !!! Santa = Satan

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Satan Claus EXPOSED !!! Santa = Satan

In this video we uncover to truth behind a popular Christmas character Santa Claus aka Satan Claus! Satan can transform himself into an angel of light! Be Vigilant! Please share this video and PRAY !!! God Bless and STAY VIGILANT !!!

Christmas Satanic Pagan Illuminati Holiday EXPOSED !!! Introduction http://youtu.be/gmrm5SiCpPo

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  • wiki.godvillegame.com    Satan Claus - GodWiki - Godville

    The Satan Claus (Diabolus claustrum ... It is a demon sent by Satan himself to reap the souls of those unlucky ... Rivalry with Santa Claws; Pet Taming. Satan Claus ...


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    Dec 23, 2011 · Santa Claus is the Devil! Ever notice the resemblance? The first and most obvious thing is how close the names are- SANTA, SATAN.


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    Santa = Satan. America's public school children are growing up confused, with no moral compass, ... Santa Claus is a cleverly conceived fraud, ...


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    Santa (Satan) Claus and the Anti-Christ I AM Sananda. I come in service to Our Holy Father of Light God and The Creation. Greetings, precious chela ...


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    Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: Santa truly has been created to be a counterfeit Jesus to the Secular World! Resources to aid your Understanding ... Santa equals Satan.


  • www.baptistpillar.com    452- Santa | Satan - Baptist Pillar

    Santa or Satan? Children of the last ... expose, and take a stand against these lies. Dear Reader, ... Why? Deception!!! SANTA CLAUS = SATAN LUCAS.


  • conspiracy-theory-secrets.com    Santa or Satan ? | The True View

    Santa Claus represents in his image figure, ... Satan Claus only gives “gifts” to children who are “good” according to material desire AND ABILITY OF PARENTS ...


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    Word Photos and Videos, Learn about santa claus or satan claus, via pictures and videos and art, santa claus or satan claus | Enter a search ...


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    Satan Claus You can Tribute 1 monster your opponent controls to Special Summon this card ... Jolly Santa Claus, who has come to signify wish fulfillment, ...


  • www.theblaze.com    Church Unveils Fiery Billboard Message About Santa Claus …

    It reads: "Santa is Satan." ... Carothers told WRDW that he believes ”Santa Claus is robbing Christ of his glory. ...


  • www.christianpost.com    Georgia Church Posts Message Saying 'Santa Is Satan'

    Carothers cited a 1996 work by James L. Melton titled "Santa Claus and Satan's Cause", which argued that, by having several similar characteristics to Jesus Christ, Santa was being crafted by secular culture as a false god to worship. "Friend, don't ...

    Michael Gryboski   •   The Christian Post   •   5 years ago


  • www.examiner.com    Georgia Pastor warns that Santa Claus is really Satan

    A Harlem, Georgia minister, pastor of an Independent Baptist Church warned that belief in Santa Claus could cause ... to read “Santa is Satan.” Carothers was interviewed by WRDW, channel 12, on Sunday. He explained, “Santa Claus is robbing Christ ...

    Examiner   •   5 years ago


  • www.wrdw.com    Preacher of Born Again First Baptist Church speaks out over 'Santa is Satan' sign

    (WRDW) -- Last week, the Born Again Independent Baptist Church in Harlem ... and why. Santa is Satan. It's a message that many don't expect, but it's a statement Pastor Edward Carothers stands behind. "We believe that Santa Claus is robbing Christ of ...

    WRDW-TV   •   5 years ago


  • www.theblaze.com    Church Unveils Fiery Billboard Message About Santa Claus Just Days Before Christmas — and See Why the Pastor Is Comparing Him to Satan

    Under “Santa is Satan” it now also reads, “Find out why at Av1611.org. Santa great imposter.” Carothers told WRDW that he believes ”Santa Claus is robbing Christ of his glory.” The pastor also cited concerns over how discovering that Santa ...

    Billy Hallowell   •   The Blaze   •   5 years ago


  • www.charismanews.com    WATCH: Baptist Church Compares Santa to Satan

    Actually, it may be just the opposite of Saint Nick. "I believe Santa Claus is robbing Christ of his glory," says Born Again Baptist Church pastor Edward Carothers. Watch the video to see the pastor expand upon the true nature of Christmas.

    Charisma News   •   5 years ago


  • www.wsbtv.com    Holiday message from Georgia church: ‘Santa is Satan’

    “Santa is Satan.” (Source: WJBF.com) The message is not shared by all churches in the town. Carrel Davis, a youth director at a Methodist Church, said he’s fine with Santa Claus. "You're not going to find scripture in the Bible saying that ...

    WSB-TV Atlanta   •   5 years ago


  • www.patheos.com    Get thee behind me, Santa!

    And doesn’t that mean that Santa Claus’s true identify is Satan, the ultimate anti-Christ? Why yes, it does. And look how closely Santa and Satan’s names are spelled! Proof a’ plenty! And Santa/Satan isn’t the only diabolic anagram going on ...

    Patheos   •   7 years ago


  • www.portlandmercury.com    Santa/Satan

    Santa's characters are few and have familiar names: Santa Claus, Woman, Child, Death. Plot lines are a little confusing: Santa meets Death, and they trade places. Santa becomes a scientist and convinces people to buy a fictitious techno gadget? The …

    The Portland Mercury   •   5 years ago


  • www.huffingtonpost.com    'Amish Mafia': Merlin Ruins Christmas, Tells Kids Santa Is Satan, Then Blows Santa Up (VIDEO)

    "Amish Mafia ... Claus and pagan worship, and it should be about the birth of Christ and nothing else.” So Merlin decided to set them straight. "Santa’s a big, fat liar and a fraud," he told a group of stunned children. "Santa’s evil. He’s actually ...

    The Huffington Post   •   6 years ago


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