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Are You Offended By the Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' Campaign?

Are You Offended By the Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' Campaign?

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Are You Offended By the Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' Campaign?

Victoria's Secret is under fire for a new ad campaign that features the slogan "The Perfect 'Body.'"

The slogan, which refers to the retailer's "Body" lingerie line, appears with images of Victoria's Secret angels on the company's website and in stores in the UK.

The ads have prompted a widespread backlash online and inspired the hashtag #iamperfect on Twitter.

Has someones words or actions ever unintentionally made you feel insecure? Comment below and share your story!

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Host: Ana Kasparian

Erica Williams Simon
Social Impact Strategist | @createdbyerica

Maytha Alhassen
Guest Host, The Stream on Al Jazeera English | @mayalhassen

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  • www.whas11.com    Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' campaign draws social media outrage

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  • mic.com    These Women Are Showing Victoria's Secret What a "Perfect Body" Really Looks Like

    Victoria's Secret, you'll be utterly unsurprised ... As participating model Adda Birnir told HuffPost, the campaign reflected Dear Kate's "commitment to showing real women in all their complexity." The new "Perfect Body" photo strives to do the same.

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  • mashable.com    Victoria's Secret quietly changed its 'Perfect Body' slogan after backlash

    Victoria's Secret quietly changed its "Perfect ... body image and eating disorders. Victoria's Secret did not make public apology or statement regarding the ad, but did change its tagline on its website Thursday. The ad now reads "A Body for Every Body ...

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