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Kasparov CRUSHES Short - Insane Sacrifices Beat French Defense - FM Will Stewart

Kasparov CRUSHES Short - Insane Sacrifices Beat French Defense - FM Will Stewart

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Kasparov CRUSHES Short - Insane Sacrifices Beat French Defense - FM Will Stewart

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Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short experienced a fierce rivalry at the pinnacles of elite chess in the 1990s as Kasparov had recently fought off Anatoly Karpov's persistent challenges for the title of World Chess Champion, only to face a determined Nigel Short! This chess video is a great example of the rivalry between Kasparov and Short, as Kasparov always seemed to have an edge on the British Grandmaster with superior opening preparation and deeper positional play in the middlegame. Kasparov played the opening accurately and I especially liked the 11. h4 and 13. Rh3 maneuver, effectively combining a kingside att...


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