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How To Make Your Cheap Drum-Set Sound Amazing

How To Make Your Cheap Drum-Set Sound Amazing

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  • Published By: Cobus Potgieter
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How To Make Your Cheap Drum-Set Sound Amazing

Get my free drum lessons here: http://www.Cobus.com

The motivation behind this lesson is that Jared and I wanted to give really good advice on improving your drum sound that very clearly applies to ALL levels of drums, even the extremely entry-level kits that most people start out with. It's also important to us that this advice requires NO money to apply, because we know that not everybody is able to invest in new heads or new gear.

My first kit was an absolute clunker, and hearing and seeing what this lesson is about would have made a huge difference back then! We really hope this helps you to get a better sound out of your kit!

We filmed for a long time and discussed MANY tips and tricks and details around each of the points we talked about, but we also wanted this video to ...


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