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How to Thread Eyebrows and Trim Them

How to Thread Eyebrows and Trim Them

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How to Thread Eyebrows and Trim Them

Indian Style. First you need to learn and practice to how to hold the thread and how to open and close it. It is shown at the end of the video. You can practice on an arm first, before using the thread on the eyebrows. The whole eyebrow shaping is done using the thread. A cotton thread is used in the video, although some cosmetologists use nylon thread, too. The cotton thread is easier on the operator's hands. After threading, the eyebrows could be cut with scissors. Threading is faster than waxing: although both are effective, waxing needs more supplies and products. Threading can maximize earnings in the salon as an added service in times of slow economy. This is an educational video to learn how to thread for estheticians, cosmetologists, beauty school students, salon and spa profess...


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