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Racist Punched Out For N-Word Tirade

Racist Punched Out For N-Word Tirade

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Racist Punched Out For N-Word Tirade

"An unidentified white man was knocked out after yelling racial slurs at a black couple in the West Village on Friday evening. Witnesses to the incident told the New York Post that 25-year-old Douglas Reddish and his girlfriend were having dinner in the outdoor seating area of the Greenwich Avenue Benny's Burritos when the man — who had been "belting back beers" nearby, according to the New York Daily News — stumbled into their table. The police say that when Reddish tried to help him up, the guy shouted, "This n----r wants to fight me!" A Daily News witness said he added, "You ns are why I lost my job."*

An unidentified former Goldman Sachs employee is in critical condition after going on a screaming, slur-laced rant against a couple eating at a restaurant. "You ns are why I lost m...


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