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Nicole Scares Hayden But He Likes It 7/19

Nicole Scares Hayden But He Likes It 7/19

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Nicole Scares Hayden But He Likes It 7/19

Some cute moments from 7/19, first Hayden tells Nicole she looks sexy in her germitard, then they try to teach her how to speak German, then Hayden tells Cody in the SR that Nicole can be trusted, followed by Nicole scaring Hayden as he walks out of the storage room, to which he tells her that he likes it when his girl scares him.


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    Nicole goes and scares Zach when he comes out of the storage ... 2014 at 7:19 am. ... I do like Zack more and more because he is unpredictable and I like Hayden too.


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    Nicole scares Hayden, later in the kitchen he says that’s a good thing because he likes a girl who will scare him. Then he rubs crumbs off her lip.


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    He goes inside; a minute later, he opens the door and scares her. He ... Nicole says, “I think he’s only ran like ... Hayden’s run every time he has and Nicole ...


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    ... ‘Donny, go inside and get Hayden. He’s my favorite.’” Hayden laughs and says, “Nice.” 3:52 PM 3/4 Hayden tells Nicole a ...


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    Zach says you’ll have an opportunity to kiss Hayden this weekend! Nicole says you ... wishes he could be like Zach and ... scares me how gullible zach is ...


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    ... telling everyone how much she really likes Hayden and all the sweet things he has ... house and after Hayden wins the luxury comp he kisses Nicole and they ...


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    ... then Big Brother’s Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel are the ... NPH Wants to Scare Us. ... Hayden has been asking Nicole to kiss him for what feels like weeks ...


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    Socialite Nicole Richie's backyard was once overrun by raccoons ... so one of my friends was a guy and I said, 'Hayden, run outside and try to scare them away.' He runs out, does his thing and instead of running away, two of them started having sex right ...

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