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Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend [FROZEN PARODY]

Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend [FROZEN PARODY]

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Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend [FROZEN PARODY]

Happy Valentines
Do you want to build a snowman parody
Lyrics Below: ↓

Do you want to be my boyfriend
Hey I think you're really swell
I know we've never met before,
I know Parkour. Please don't run away.

Oh No, my nose is bloody
But wow your hot
Do you think I'm attractive too.
Do you want to be my boyfriend
It doesn't have to be a boyfriend.
Okay Bye.

Do you want to be my boyfriend
Here's a lock of my own hair
Honestly I think I'm made for you
I tap dance too
Love is in the air

I can help you with your studies
I'm really smart,
I know twelve digits of PI

Come on just be my boyfriend
I'll thank you in advance
I'm here all by my selfie
No one here with me
Give me a chance

I'm forever lonely
Just myself and I
What am I gonna do
Do y...


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