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Explained ! The Double Slit Experiment

Explained ! The Double Slit Experiment

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Explained ! The Double Slit Experiment

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Author of "My Big Toe" (MBT) trilogy Physicist Thomas Campbell explains what happens during the Double Slit Experiment and why it happens.

"Physics has no idea of the fundamental principles that require particles to exist as probability distributions before measurement collapses the wave function to a physical particle (measured physical state). They just know that it is so. MBT derives from fundamental first principles why particles must always exist first as probability distributions. Thus MBT derives Quantum mechanics from first principles. This solution completely resolves the apparent contradiction of wave particle duality generated by the double slit experiment. MBT further shows that the same concepts (reality mus...


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    Are the other two walls padded? ..... and how in damnation do you punch these suckers when your arms are neatly restained in strapped sleeves?


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    The Double Slit Experiment ... mechanical solution to the famous double slit (or two slit) experiment. ... to use this particle to explain the two slit experiment.


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    What is The double slit experiment? ... As a possible explanation it could perhaps be said that this is just one more example of the extraordinary nature of light, ...


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    If coherant light is passed through two slits of the right size and separation then light and dark bands are seen on a screen at the correct distance fron the slits.


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    I have a disagreement with a Quantum mechanical scientist about a double slit experiment with polarizers, which gives interference or not depending on


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    Researchers have sent molecules containing either 58 or 114 atoms through the so-called "double-slit experiment," showing that they cause an interference pattern that can only be explained if the particles act like waves of water, rather than tiny marbles.

    Clara Moskowitz   •   Live Science   •   8 years ago


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    Interference patterns produced by double-slit experiments. mit.edu The subtlest experiment in quantum mechanics is also one of the simplest: send a stream of particles through two openings in a barrier, and you'll produce an interference pattern because ...

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    The smart folks explain it this way. Dark matter is like regular matter ... This wave-particle duality is best represented in the double slit experiment of Thomas Young, who proved that light can behave as a particle or a wave, and under certain conditions ...

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    The laboratory double-slit experiment contains a lot of the best aspects of the ... in the year 1900 physicist Max Planck showed that certain other effects in physics could only be explained by light being a particle. Many experiments followed to also ...

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    According to modern notions of quantum physics, at the very smallest scales ... There might be another way to explain the weird behavior seen in the double-slit experiment that doesn't devolve into quantum mechanics' usual probabilistic weirdness ...

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    The precise methodology of Richard Feynman's famous double-slit thought-experiment -- a cornerstone of quantum mechanics that showed how electrons behave as both a particle and a wave -- has been followed in full for the very first time. Although the ...

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    has now been carried out on the largest molecules ever. Researchers have sent molecules containing either 58 or 114 atoms through the so-called "double-slit experiment," showing that they cause an interference pattern that can only be explained if the ...

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    The second unusual part of the double-slit experiment is that the electrons stop creating ... undergo inelastic scattering rather than elastic scattering. As the physicists explained, an electron undergoing inelastic scattering is localized at the covered ...

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    As the field of quantum mechanics grows, there are more experiments that signal a universal consciousness and debatable afterlife. Fundamental theories attempt to explain the nature ... physical reality.” The double slit experiment or wave/particle ...

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    Thanks to Bunnycatch3r for alerting us to this fascinating and lucid re-enactment and explanation of the famous “double slit” experiment that opens up the weirdness of quantum events. (I witnessed this experiment performed in our Patrick Henry ...

    Patheos   •   9 years ago


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