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Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

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Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

The science of their sinister ways…
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We've got two perfectly good hands attached to two perfectly good arms, so why do most people prefer to use one over the other for common tasks?

David Wolman’s “A Left Hand Turn Around the World” http://amzn.to/1wYqOS2
(lots more references in there!)

Chris McManus’ “Right Hand, Left Hand” http://amzn.to/1umztyL

The best collection of the science of handedness on the internet: Right, Left, Right, Wrong - http://www.rightleftrightwrong.com/in...

Genetic link between handedness and ...


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  • news.yahoo.com    Why so few people are left-handed - Yahoo News

    Apr 27, 2012 · Right-handers have long accounted for 90 percent of the population, and scientists may have figured out why ... Why so few people are left-handed.


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    ... and according to some of my left handed friends and family, ... Some people believe that left handed people should conform to using both hands equally.


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  • www.washingtonpost.com    Why are so few people left-handed?

    But as Joe explains in his video, the theory isn't totally straightforward -- because most people who are left-handed have their speech centers on the left side, too. So the theory would explain why most of us are right-handed, but not why some of us go ...

    Washington Post   •   5 years ago


  • www.smithsonianmag.com    Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

    For the left-handed people of the world, life isn’t easy. Throughout much of history, massive stigmas attached to left-handedness meant they were singled out as everything from unclean to witches. In Medieval times, writing with your left-hand was a ...

    Smithsonian.com   •   7 years ago


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  • io9.com    Why Are So Few People Left-Handed?

    To celebrate, let's look at why only around one in ten people is left-handed. Why, pray tell ... and most neural activities are shared between the hemispheres to some extent, but we can definitely say that many functions are primarily handled by one ...

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  • braves.scout.com    Why pick Markakis over Heyward?

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  • blogs.kqed.org    Why Are So Many People Right-Handed? Genetic Research May Hold The Clues

    But now it looks like scientists may finally be starting to make some progress ... to go in figuring out why people are usually right-handed. It’ll be interesting to see if being right-handed was selected for, being left-handed selected against or ...

    KQED   •   6 years ago


  • www.truthdig.com    Scientists Still Don’t Really Know Why Some People Are Left-Handed

    We know people (including this blogger) have been left-handed since humans painted caves, but the origin of this mutation—genetic, chemical or other—remains a mystery. It may be an abundance of testosterone or just a womb preference that continues …

    Peter Z. Scheer   •   Truthdig   •   7 years ago


  • www.theatlantic.com    Why Lefties Make Less

    There’s a stereotype that left-handed people are clumsier, but that might have something ... are more likely to affect lefties than righties. Determining why those disadvantages arise is more difficult—there doesn’t seem to be one clear cause of ...

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  • www.independent.co.uk    Why are left-handed people so brilliant?

    Why are more men left-handed than women, and why do left-handers account for only one in 10 people worldwide? What we do know is that the cack-handed are disproportionately brilliant. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Julius Caesar and …

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  • www.livescience.com    Left-Handedness Stumps Science

    Yet despite decades of research, very little is known about why some people are left-handed. Scientists have proposed causes ranging from genes, to damage in utero, to an edge in fistfights to explain why southpaws make up 10 percent of the world's …

    Live Science   •   7 years ago


  • www.smithsonianmag.com    Why Are Some People Left-Handed? | Science | Smithsonian

    For the left-handed people of the world, life isn’t easy. Throughout much of history, massive stigmas attached to left-handedness meant they were singled out as ...


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    Nov 03, 2014 · The science of their sinister ways… Subscribe to It’s Okay To Be Smart: http://bit.ly/iotbs_sub ↓ More info and sources below ↓ Follow on Twitter ...


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