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Real Mermaid Found at Karachi Beach

Real Mermaid Found at Karachi Beach

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Real Mermaid Found at Karachi Beach

Real Mermaid Found at Karachi Beach

For those of you who grew up following the conventional wisdom of ‘you believe only when you see’, these images could be startling! In today’s day and age when computer imagery and special effects are employed to make any visual jazzy, and exciting, if you believe only because you see, and then spread the information, you could possibly lead to more confusion and chaos.

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    Wish mermaids could be part of our world? On Sunday, the Discovery Channel re-aired Mermaids: The Body Found, an intriguing special which speculated about the real-life existence ... the body of a supposed mermaid on the beach in Washington State.

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    The show itself, though science fiction, is based on some real events ... seen a mermaid body on the beach the morning of the first mass whale beaching. He said that he captured the mermaid on his camera phone. Mermaid Skeletons Found in Egypt and …

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    In Mermaids, a Body Found, you see footage ... story on the following real-world events: In the early 1990s, the US Navy began a series of covert sonar tests, which were linked to mass die-offs of whales, which washed up on beaches throughout the world.

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    No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found ... of mermaids. The curiosity was apparently spurred by a Discovery Channel “mockumentary,” which cleverly and deceptively entertained the thought that some remains found on a beach last spring ...

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