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Cry Wastes Time: Episode 1

Cry Wastes Time: Episode 1

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Cry Wastes Time: Episode 1

So you may be asking why I'm wasting so much time recently. Well the truth of the matter is, I am still stalling until Walking Dead Episode 2, and IT WILL BE OUT ANY DAY NOW BECAUSE IT SHOULD RIGHT? RIGHT. YEAH.

I'm trying not to start another playthrough series that would require commitment until I get through that because I know I want to focus on that first and foremost. You may be asking yourself, why? To which I shall respond: Because Clementine is fucking adorable, that's why.

Also this is what happens when I am left alone without a Russ or Jund and little idea of what else to do. THIS IS WHAT IS MADE FROM THAT CIRCUMSTANCE. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

And fuck you too, Mob Boss. I thought we had something special.

Music by Vinter in Hollywood - Penthouse


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