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Adding code to Universal Apps in Visual Studio 2013

Universal apps allow you to share code across Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. IN this video I show you how to add code that can be maintained in one location but used by both your Windows 8 and Windows Phone application. also cover how to use conditional if statements for platform specific code

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יוצר "האי" היה ילד אחר

גיורא חמיצר מספר על הבדידות בילדותו ואיך הטלוויזיה עזרה לו. קטע מהעונה השנייה של "אישי עם גיל ריבה"

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South Africa Blacks sing about killing Whites hires

Research: Jewish Ritual Murder, Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited, Jura Lina The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism, The Other Israel, The Jewish conspiracy, Understanding anti-semitism, The Khazarian Conspiracy, A Devil in disguise, Auschwitz the Missing Cyanide, Judea declares war on Germany, Dumb portrayal of evil Buchenwald, David Cole at Auschwitz, One third of the holocaust, Auschwitz why the gas-ch...

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Tom Felton That Sunday Night Show

Recorded on my phone, Tom Felton appearing on the 'That Sunday Night Show' talking about the Robin Hood Tax.

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California: on the edge of bankruptcy

California: on the edge of bankruptcy

Junsu vs Dog

Heyyy peepsss... kk am sorrryy i havent uploaded any vidsss in how maany months???? :$. i been on holiday...now on another holiday back home in malaysia -- love it!!!!!!!!!! anywaysss thx for the all of you who have subscribed to my channels...your guys are amazzzingggg!! =) heres a vid i just did out of guiltiness...ill do more vids from now on... DBSK HWAITING!!!!!!!... && MY...

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Modern Touchscreen User Interface Written in LabVIEW -- JKI

Learn more about this application: http://bit.ly/1rnsAtR LabVIEW Champion Justin Goeres from JKI demonstrates a stunning touchscreen user interface that has the look and feel of an “App” that you’d find running on a modern touch device like an iOS, Android, or Windows 8 tablet. Written entirely in LabVIEW by the JKI team, this touch operating environment powers the new LibertyGT 1211B instru...

Review / Relato Teclado Gamer Cougar 200k

Bom galera resolvi fazer esse vídeo pra ajudar vocês a tirar duvidas sobre este excelente teclado da cougar. qualquer duvida só deixar ai nos comentários que eu irei responder. Abraços!

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Let's Play Heretic ep 4, Act 2: Hell's Maw

Having completed City of the Damned last time, we move on to the second level set of Heretic: Hell's Maw.

Wielkie Konflikty - odc.4 "Słowacki vs Mickiewicz"

Słowacki vs Mickiewicz – konfrontacja gigantów! Oto dlaczego lepiej obrażać ludzi anonimowo! Zbieżność imion i nazwisk jest przypadkowa. ODCINEK PRZEPLATA SIĘ Z POEMATAMI JULIUSZA SŁOWACKIEGO! Subskrybuj: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkPj... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrupaFilmowa... Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFDarwin Mail: kontakt@gfdarwin.pl FILM BUSTERS: Youtube: h...

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Swainsboro Raceway

May 5, 2012 Swainsboro Raceway www.swainsbororaceway.com

Murdoch Mysteries - William and Julia - Smile.

Music : Madeleine Peyroux (Smile) Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll see the sun come shining through for you Light up your face with gladness Hide every trace of sadness Although a tear may be ever so near That's the time ...

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Roger Ballen Retrospective Talk (2013 Belfast Photo Festival)

In this retrospective talk Roger Ballen discusses his life and photography, from his early work to the present. This talk took place on the 14th June 2013 as part of the Belfast Photo Festival and was made possible through the support of the British Council Northern Ireland. Belfast Photo Festival does not hold the copyright for the included video and soundtrack: 'I Fink You Freeky' by D...

Kobe Bryant Post Game Interview - Lakers vs Horents | 11.9.14

Kobe Bryant very laid back after a much needed win. www.jlinnation.com