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A P Carter Family,The Broken Engagement

A P Carter Family, Sarah and A P's children join them on this recording, Joe and Janette Carter,

The Very Busy Spider, Eric Carle, Adapted by Reina Rehm

Reina's first grade did "A Very Special Tribute to Eric Carle" this year. Reina played the cat in The Busy Spider. Her lines were, "Meow, meow. Want to take a nap?" The class had cookies afterward, and we were inspired by one of the pictures taken back in the classroom after the show. This is Reina, age 7, reading the story, with a minor adaptation. Wait for it...

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Weź mnie na ręce - Arka Noego

Weź mnie na ręce utwór z albumu NIE LĘKAJ SIĘ zespołu Arka Noego. Muzyka i tekst: Robert Friedrich

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Lavender Town / Dubstep Remix / Descarga en la descripción.

¡Bienvenidos!, esta vez para los fans de pueblo Lavanda (Lavender Town en inglés) he hecho un miniremix con un bassline bastante normalito, no sé, para los fans de esta canción aunque digan que esté maldita aquí está. Descarga (Click derecho: Guardar como): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/56487192/Lave... PD: Personalemente, la canción de pueblo Lavanda me enamoró. (No me entraron ganas de suic...

Donnie Munro - THE WEAVER OF GRASS - Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg 30.03.14

Donnie Munro am 30.03.2014 mit dem Lied "THE WEAVER OF GRASS" im Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen. Songtext: They took him here from another place Where the Machair's sweet winds fold upon the face Silent turmoill rolls across his eyes A changing world, a troubled heart The spirits freedom broken from the start Youth forever lost in Europe's lies A young man's frame with an old man's...

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06MN3721 , Dangerous Trucker, Leith, Edinburgh + speed calculation

This is approx 0620 in the morning , roads are almost empty, except for this tool who can't drive safely. I used the crossing line after the 2nd pass to time how long the trailer took to pass the dashed line on the road. 19 frames, at 25fps that means 0.76seconds, The trailer is a standard shipping container length, so 40feet, that means the speed was 52.63 feet per second, or 35.7mph. And...

Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn"- EW Interview Part 4

Stephenie Meyer talks about all the buzz of :Breaking Dawn" with Entertainment Weekly. August 9, 2008 'You see the punch coming; that doesn't mean it's not gonna hurt when it hits,' Meyer says.

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Pr. Yossef Akiva - Ressurreição de Cristo

excelente mensagem, imperdível !

Esto es Evangelismo

El evangelismo tal y como fue propuesto por Jesús y los Apóstoles... sin mas. "Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or p...

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East Galwat Hunt Meelick meet 2010

Action from the East Galway Hunt at Meelick near Eyrecourt Co Galway Take aboard the famous chesnut "Brook"

Foo Fighters - All My Life (Salsa Version)

At Feb 19, 2015 this is the first salsa version of a Foo Fighters' song on the web! Please SHARE this video... and I hope you enjoy this adaptation :) ~ FF TO THE LATIN GRAMMY AWARDS! Produced, recorded and mixed by Carlos Gallardo-Candia in Los Angeles, California. FREE DOWNLOAD / DESCARGA GRATUÍTA: http://www.gallardocandia.com/ ___________________________ http://www.gallardocandia.com/...

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Coefficient of Friction

Laws of dry sliding friction. Coefficient of Friction

Remaking "Slovakia flag" end grain cutting board

http://mtmwood.com/ Free tutorial "The Basics of making end grain cutting boards" - http://eepurl.com/brMc_5

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Nosotros, los hombres - Fack In The Shit

ACORDATE! empeza a twittear #SemanaFITS en twitter si quieren ser saludados en los proximos videos! Tambien pueden aportar ideas para vlogs , o pasarme datos para q haga alguna Joda Telefonica! A empezar el año cagandose de risa! Ahora a disfrutar de Nosotros, Los hombres! Muchas gracias por bancarme siempre! Dale LIKE, COMENTA Y COMPARTI el video.. ıllı►FACEBOOK OFICIAL FACKINTHE...

"Blue Bonnet Lane" by Heather Berry (song of the day #30)

Here's me and Tony singing a great old Jim and Jesse song, "Blue Bonnet Lane".

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Robert Pattinson - Eclipse Press Conference Pt. 2

Robert Pattinson talks Twilight at the press conference for Eclipse.

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Mark Reads 'Daja's Book': Chapter 2

This is for Ryan! You can purchase your own sponsored Mark Reads video here: http://markdoesstuff.com/products/mar... Visit my sites! http://markreads.net http://markwatches.net

Mark Reads 'Daja's Book': Chapter 10

This is for Bee! You can purchase your own sponsored Mark Reads video here: http://markdoesstuff.com/products/mar... Visit my sites! http://markreads.net http://markwatches.net