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Oldest Airstream Trailer in the WORLD

This Airstream Trailer is one of the very first issued by the founder of the company. HOWever - it was issued as plans and the purchasor had to build it himself from the materials designated in the plans. The builders had to get their own materials. A medical student at the time, Dr. Norman Holman ordered the plans and began building. It was completed in 1935 and is STILL ON THE ROAD TODAY. His...

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조현아 첫 공판..."지상 경로, 항로다 VS 아니다" / YTN

[앵커] 이른바 '땅콩 회항'으로 구속기소 된 조현아 대한항공 전 부사장이 처음으로 재판을 받았습니다. 검찰과 조 전 부사장 측은 조 전 부사장의 항로변경죄 적용을 두고, 지상 경로를 항공기 항로로 볼 것인지 말 것인지를 두고 팽팽하게 맞섰습니다. 임성호 기자가 보도합니다. [기자] 녹색 수의를 입고 첫 재판에 나온 조현아 대한항공 전 부사장은, 재판 내내 고개를 숙였습니다. 이른바 '땅콩 회항' 사건 첫 공판에서 검찰과 조 씨 측은, 항공보안법 위반 여부를 두고 팽팽하게 대립했습니다. 특히 '항공기 항로변경죄' 적용이 문제가 됐습니다. 검찰은 공소장에서, 항공기가 활주로에 들어서서 되돌릴 수 없다는 박 모 사무장의 말을 조 씨가 듣고도 항공기를 돌리라 여...

Josh McDowell: Resurrection -- 6/10

Jim Cantelon talks to Josh McDowell about the book he wrote with his son Sean, "The Unshakable Truth" and talks about various theories surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. Josh McDowell Author, Founder of the Josh McDowell Ministry Book: "The Unshakable Truth" To Get Your Copy: http://www.crossroads.ca

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Breaking Dawn P1 Press Junket - Robert Pattinson on Access Hollywood Interview - Part 4

03.11.2011 DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything made in this video. all copyrights to their respective owners! this video is made for entertainment only and no profits are made from this video!

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Be Strong in the Lord - Lyrics

I appreciate all the positive comments :) I didn't know it'd be so popular and that it'd be a blessing to alot of people. Now that it is, I sincerely wish I could remove the beginning of the video and the ending of it, because it makes it seem as if I didn't post the video so people could meditate upon the song (well, I didn't think about that anyway at the time).

My Current Hair Regimen

How I keep my hair healthy and moisturized! I get my hair trimmed every 4-6 months. I color my hair at least 2-3 times a year. I CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION my hair like crazy! I forgot to mention that I sometimes mix extra virgin organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil on my hair when it's straight and I especially pay close attention to the ends of my hair and scalp during t...

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Najib Amhali - Most Wanted - Neef Lonny

Dit fragment komt uit de show 'Most Wanted' van Najib Amhali. Subscribe op Comedy Station voor je dagelijkse portie comedy. http://www.youtube.com/comedystation

Landing at Land's End Airport, Runway 34 [HD]

Skybus de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (G-BIHO) landing on Runway 34 at Land's End Airport, Cornwall (LEQ) following a flight from St. Mary's Airport, Isles of Scilly (ISC)

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constructable live demo at TEI'13

We demoed constructable at the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference (TEI'13), which took place from Feb 10 - 13 in Barcelona, Spain. For this we drove our laser cutter in a two day road-trip from our research lab in Berlin to the FABlab Barcelona (around 2000km). Attendees at the conference could either create their own object or follow a tutorial for creating a wooden bookl...

A Gaelic Journey (Irish version): Benbecula to Ranafast

The Scottish Island Voices Project (Guthan nan Eilean) visits Ireland. This documentary has an Irish language commentary. You can also hear some Scottish Gaelic conversation with dual language (Irish and Scottish Gaelic) subtitles. Island Voices: http://guthan.wordpress.com/

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Il PM Abate denuncia Lucia Uva

A Varese Giuseppe Uva "muore". Alberto Biggioggero chiama l'ambulanza, ma i CC la mandano via. Bigioggero non viene ritenuto attendibile, "perchè era ubriaco". Il sangue e le foto' false. Lucia Uva' Querelata per diffamazione dallo stesso PM Abate titolare delle "indagini"

Biancaneve fiaba alternativa 5

Ecco a voi un nuovo episodio con la collaborazione di Ursula agli effetti speciali^^ Breve riassunto della parte precedente:I nani accolgono Biancaneve in casa proprio che in cambio gli prepara una gustosa cenetta dato che da tempo avevano bisogno di un colf per casa,chissà se riusciranno a convincerla a restare? P.s. per una storpiatura della pronuncia Belli Biancaneve dirà Pelli che è il ...

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¿Por qué hay independentismo en Cataluña? (1) parte 1 de 2

Próximamente más entregas para esta pregunta sin respuesta.

A Prince Among Islands Pt4

Selina Scott tells the story of HRH Prince Charles return visit in November 1991 to Berneray, Gaelic speaking islet in the sound of Harris. This has been transferred from my VHS copy. The copyright remains with the original owners, it appears here as a tribute to all those involved. The music is done by Capercaillie

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Maire Brennan- Atlantic Shore

This is the tenth and final song from Maire's album Maire, from 1992.

PTA Day at the White House: Community Leaders Briefing

The White House welcomes more than 150 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) leaders from 41 states, DC, and US military bases overseas for a day-long briefing. PTA comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of parent involvement in schools. August 10, 2012.

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