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Battle of the Bands 2012 Final

The final video from Western Isles Battle of the Bands 2012, it was great working with the team and we enjoyed the experience thoroughly :) LIKE us: www.facebook.com/QuanticMedia

"We are winning . ." Ian Hamilton QC

Ian Hamilton QC talks about the Yes Campaign and why 'the people of Scotland' must vote YES in September.

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Lord McFall out-argued, outclassed by Gordon Macintyre-Kemp on currency and debt: Scotland Tonight

The noble Lord McFall got rattled when his primitive Better Together soundbytes and flawed arguments were efforlessly disposed of by Gordon Macintyre-Kemp. The old Monkland's-style Labour brawler forgot the ermine for a bit ...

Morwyn y Blodau (Lady of the Flowers): Welsh Song by Ceredwen

Beautiful song from Ceredwen's first album, O'r Mabinogi. It tells about a man named Lleu who was cursed by his mother, Arianrhod, so that he would never get a wife from human race. His uncle, Gwydion, fashioned a beautiful woman from wild flowers, together with Math the Magician, to become Lleu's wife, and called her Blodeuedd. Lyrics: Hwythau a ddaethant at ei gilydd Efo hud a lledrith...

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Fire + Ice - Treasure House

music by Sonne Hagal, additional guitar by Vurgart album: Fractured Man released by Tesco [2012]


it's all so fake and we don't believe so rankin truth we want you to leave. slap the both , dj rankin and rankin truth that is . we really mean it GO AWAY

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Other Voices S02E19 - Best Of Season 2

Other Voices S02E19 - Best Of Season 2. Gemma Hayes - Evening Sun Luka Bloom - You Karan Casey - Quiet Of The Night The Tycho Brahe - Out Of The Blue Declan O'Rourke - Your World Pauline Scanlon - Churchyard Bells Rodrigo y Gabriela - Captain Casanova

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Meine Mittelalter Sackpfeife 9 (Mit voll wichtigem Aufruf)

So... Asunahms weise mal einen Tag früher als sonst... Der grund is, weil ich die im Video enthaltene Info so schnell wie möglich bekannt geben wollte^^ Daher müsst ihr auch meine wunderbaren Haarfarben, welche im Video wohl nich so zu geltung kommen (gottseidank) entschuldigen, ich kam grad von einer Sportveranstaltung meiner Schule und ich hatte die Wette zu gewinnen, ob ich mich so in die Öf...

La Mosca Tse-Tse - El Demonio (Esta En Esa Mujer)

Music video by La Mosca Tse-Tse performing El Demonio (Esta En Esa Mujer).

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super ratones "todo el mundo te hace algo" video clip 2009 con Ken Stringfellow

video clip del segundo corte del disco "Super Ratones". Con la participación de Ken Stringfellow e imágenes de la presentación del disco en La Trastienda. También tiene una aparición en un cameo el delantero de Racing Club, Pablo Lugüercio. Dirigido por Augusto González Polo, producido por Momento Naranja

Antonina Krzysztoń- Tam gdzie kres

Antonina Krzysztoń- "Tam gdzie kres" z płyty/from "Kiedy przyjdzie dzień", 1996. Antonina Krzysztoń- śpiew/vocals, Marcin Majerczyk, Andrzej Wyrzykowski- gitary/guitars, Marcin Pospieszalski- gitara basowa/bass guitar, Joszko Broda- drumla/jew's harp

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BEAM2010 : Alawon pibgorn / pibgorn tunes : Stephen Rees

Three tunes on the traditional Welsh pibgorn (horn pipe), played by Stephen Rees at trac's annual folk school, The Big Experiment / Stephen Rees yn chwarae tri alawon ar y pibgorn yn ysgol werin trac, Yr Arbrawf Mawr

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The Mountains of Mourne - Keith Harkin

Keith Harkin, Live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA on March 27, 2013 Includes an additional verse not recorded on any Celtic Thunder recording.

SDB2013 Sortuko dira besteak - Gizonen mundu hau - Estitxu Pinatxo

SDB2013 - Sortuko dira besteak Kursaal Auditorium - Donostia Sn.Sn. 2013.XII.22 "Gizonen mundu hau" It´s a man´s man´s man´s world (James Brown) Euskarazko adapatazioa: Harkaitz Cano Ahotsa: Estitxu Pinatxo Musikariak: Xanet Arozena, Txema Garcés, Oriol Flores, Luis Fernandez, Miren Zeberio, Xabier Zeberio. Zuzendaritza artistikoa: Joxan Goikoetxea Audio Teknikaria: Josean ...

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Aselin Debison - Driftwood [HQ]

Aselin Debison in Concert 2003 - Driftwood - Everything is open Nothing's set in stone Rivers turn to oceans Oceans tide you home Home is where the heart is But your heart had to roam Drifting over bridges Never to return Watching bridges burn You're driftwood floating underwater Breaking into pieces, pieces, pieces Just driftwood, hollow and of no use Waterfalls will find y...

Stone Age - Maureen Maguire

Album: Time travellers (1997) Maureen Maguire Zo dirag er Meurvor Vrumen en iniz e sau mitin man Shivering with cold my mind lost all notion drifting out the sea a castaway and nowhere ti hide For every mistake A price to be paid She lost her heart To a travelling man Dreams that she made Are starting to fade She lost her heart To a travelling man Kenavo doh penn-manne ...