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Donna Taggart - Still

Still is a sample from Donna Taggart's Wedding Ceremony and Pre-Dinner Entertainment repertoire. For more details go to www.donnataggart.com. Enjoy!

Alasdair Roberts & Kami Thompson 'The Bonnie Banks O Airdrie'

Performing a song learned from the singing of Stanley Robertson, as part of Song East at the Marie Lloyd Bar, Hackney 09.03.2010. Muntu Valdo (out of shot) provided the handclaps.

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Robert Pattinson - Damn Hot! ♪

I created this video because I am a huge Robert Pattinson fan. I think he is a brilliant actor and I have been loving his movies ever since.

Danny Boy Violin (Rhoda Barfoot Irish Violinist)

Rhoda's new album now on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/acr... and Rhoda's website http://rhodabarfoot.com/shop Silent Night available now on itunes! http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sile...... Rhoda Barfoot plays Danny Boy, accompanied by Darren Baird. In charity concert for the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund. Easter 2011 in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. http://Rho...

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Dàl Riata - Coisir Ghàidhlig Antigonish

Coisir Ghàidhlig Antigonish a' seinn "Dàl Riata" le Griogair Labhraidh aig Deasbad mu'n Bhreacanachas aig Oilthigh Naoimh Fransaidh Xavier, Alba Nuadh air 6 An Giblean 2011. Antigonish Gaelic Choir singing "Dàl Riata" by Griogair Labhraidh at Tartan Day Forum at St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, on 6 April 2011.

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Porco Rosso - "Bygone Days" Piano (Concert Version)

The rendition played by Joe Hisaishi at the 25 Years Studio Ghibli Concert in Budokan. Hope you all like it!

Scotland's Decision: What will happen to Britain's nuclear weapons?

One of the big issues in the referendum debate is nuclear weapons. Scotland is home to Britain’s nuclear arsenal but what will happen to the nukes if Scotland goes independent? And what will be the implications for the UK’s security and its ability to project its power around the world? Scotland hosts several army, navy and air force bases, and Unionists say that thousands of jobs in the def...

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Buddy Guy on Recording 74 years Young

Grammy winning performer Buddy Guy talks about recording his newest CD released Oct. 2010

Breisleach, Miann Cridhe

Còisir Ghàidhlig na Luirg, 2012

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Loituma- not only Ievan Polkka- Inttäjäispolska

"Inttäjäispolska" from "Kuutamolla", 1998

Paramore - Decode

*NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED* I redid my last video(forbidden love) and chenged the music. ---- Song by Paramore (Decode)

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Deirdre Shannon - She Moved Through the Fair

From her first album Deirdre Shannon/ De seu primeiro álbum solo Deirdre Shannon. http://celticwomanbr.wordpress.com/


Despues del ataque de Pain, la aldea escondida entre las hojas trata de volver a su estado normal, pero una nueva decision afecta a Naruto y los demas aldeanos. cuya decision tiene que ver con el hokague y Sasuke

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Nuair bha mi og (When I was young)

Alyth sings live with her band - Jonny Hardie - guitar, Brian Mcalpine - Piano and Ewen Vernal - Double Bass. 1st song form her new solo album 'People like me'.

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trabzon yerel tv kanalından cekilen kemence

Gelatina Navideña

QUI LES DEJO MIS REDES SOCIALES AMIGAS: INSTAGRAM:@jeamileth FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeamil... Pag de Fab de mis amigas: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gettin...

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Altan-As I roved out.mp4

Altan à La source à Fontaine As I roved out