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The Rizers- 1 John 4:7 (Let Us Love One Another)

The Rizers sing Scripture in the form of upbeat pop/rock songs to reinforce God's Word in the hearts of kids and families. Download this song for free at http://www.noisetrade.com/therizers. You can buy The Rizers albums at iTunes, AmazonMp3 or http://www.therizers.com

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Jim McKillop "The Louis Waltz & Heaven's Gate"

Two lovely tunes played by Jim McKillop: official clip from the "Floating Bowhand" DVD

Room 101 - Milligan's views on Portsmouth

All Rights Reserved - Copyright BBC Spike Milligan gives his reasons why the city of Portsmouth should be put into Room 101.

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2008 Perth Spring Fair

Full Video from the fair at perth featuring Ryan Spencers Waltzer, Joe White Jnr Tagada, JR Whites twister, John Wheatleys Limbo Dancer and Speed Buzz and the New Matterhorn of Rodney Johnston.

Jacob Black Geschichte

So hier wieder ein Video zu Jacob Black ich hoffe es gefällt euch :)

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Wheelchair Tricks Tutorial

Im in a Quickie GPV. I just realized I pronounced that wrong. LOL In a wheelchair but wanna learn all the cool wheelchair tricks just to impress your friends? Are you in a chair but need to learn these tricks so that you become more independent? Or are you somewhere in between? Watch this video to see how I learned some of these tricks. In NO TIME at all you will too! I learned how to d...

Joxan Goikoetxea & Idoia Laburu. "A Paris"

Joxan Goikoetxea & Idoia Laburu. "Carnavalse" -- Marc Bethomieux "A Paris" - Francis Lemarque Arreglos y producción: Joxan Goikoetxea Auditorium Kursaal -- Donostia -- Sn.Sn. 12.11.2005. Olentzero begi gorri. ETB1. Joxan Goikoetxea -- Cavagnolo Odyssée 3 Pro Orchestra. Idoia Laburu -- Cavagnolo Vedette 10 Plus Mezzo. Txema Garcés -- Contrabajo. Mitxel Longarón -- Batería. ...

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Sword Dance At Halkirk Highland Games 2013

Highland Dancing is on eof the highlights of the annual Halkirk Highland Games. Many photos 2013 Halkirk Highland Games at http://www.caithness.org/fpb/2013/jul...

Hot Jim

An excerpt from "Carry it on..." a dance for camera created by Sharon Leahy. Featuring the feet of Ira Bernstein, Christine Galante, Nic Gareiss, Matt Gordon, Becky Hill, Abby Ladin, Sharon Leahy, Matthew Olwell, Zane Terry and Emma Young. Music by Sam Bartlett, Rick Good and Cleek Schrey. This excerpt was edited by Sharon Leahy, with cinematography by Erick Stoll and sound recording by Mega...

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Hanneke Cassel "The Blackberry Festival Footrace"

Hanneke Cassel performing on my radio show, Stay Tuned, on February 5, 2010 Listen to Stay Tuned from 1:30 to 5:00pm every Friday on WSCA 106.1 FM or stream live at: http://wscafm.org FMI on Stay Tuned visit: http://staytunedradio.webs.com FMI on Hanneke Cassel visit: http://hannekecassel.com

Craig Ferguson Late Late Show Rachelle Lefevre Interview

Subscribe late late show , late show , craig ferguson , craig ferguson interview , craig ferguson ladies , craig ferguson stand up , funny interview , craig ferguson kristen bell , craig ferguson jennifer lawrence , funny video , david letterman , jimmy fallon , jimmy kimmel , jay leno , justin bieber , jimmy fallon show , ellen degeneres , tonight show...

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Isle Of Mull And Its Sea Eagles

The Isle of Mull on the West Coast of Scotland has become home to the UK's largest bird of prey, the sea eagle - reintroduced to the Island after becoming extinct in Britain a hundred years ago.

Shetland Folk Festival 2014

Thank you Shetland for a great festival with sooo nice people and a beautiful nature. Greetings from Lars - Göteborg, Sweden (lasse.jonson@swipnet.se)

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Homelessness : Myths and Memories - Darren Part 1

Council to Homeless Persons DVD sample Visit the CHP website for more information http://www.chp.org.au

Dablino & Anabel Balkenhol WEG GrandPrixFreestyle

Das Paar hat sich neben Christoph Koschel als eine der großen Zukunftshoffungen im internationalen Sport etabliert. Der Fuchs war schon wie im Special ganz bei sich, vollführte alle Lektionen sicher und in schöner Selbsthaltung. Es war erst die dritte Kür des Paares, die seit Münster noch einmal umgestellt wurde. Ein paar Dinge gingen daneben: die Schritttour war unübersichtlich, die Wechsel m...

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Janessa Speaks on Cultural Appropriation

Far too many people out there have been appropriating culture without even realizing what they are doing. Wearing a war bonnet, having tirbal themed parties, participating in your schools' "Indian Day", deeming your particular style of dress as Boho-Gypsy or Indian-Navajo are all forms of cultural appropriative things that offend many Natives and people of Romani desent. Here are a list of Tum...

Masacrele Armatei Maghiare "eliberatoare" in Transilvania(1)

http://www.cocalari-hi5.blogspot.com http://www.ddl.3xforum.ro

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The Chase - Jeremy Kittel Band

Simon Chrisman, Josh Pinkham,`Nathaniel Smith, and Jeremy Kittel perform Kittel's composition "The Chase" in Michigan in 2010. www.jeremykittel.com

Scottish Independence Questions: Answered by Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Greens

Green MSP Patrick Harvie, a key member of the Yes Scotland campaign for independence, has said supporters need to reach out to more people to achieve a "Yes" vote in the 2014 referendum. Speaking during a BBC webcast, the Scottish Green co-convener also said there were questions over SNP tax policy and argued that policies such as corporation tax cuts had increased inequality in a number of ...