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Puball Gaeilge, Electric Picnic live stream Sat 31st August 5pm

Puball Gaeilge, Electric Picnic Saturday 31st August 2pm & 5pm GMT+1 Streaming live from An Puball Gaeilge, located in Mindfield at the Electric Picnic Festival, join us at 2pm GMT+1 for a lively debate as Gaeilge, followed at 5pm GMT+1 with the wonderful Kíla in concert with a whole load of guests. Live streaming traditional Irish music - for other gigs, competitions and more check out http:/...

How-to tune a hardingfele

Learn how to tune your Norwegian Hardanger fiddle in the most common tuning.

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Scott Joplin - The Easy Winners

The Easy Winners by Scott Joplin. This is the 4th song in an album titled Scott Joplin: All-Time Great Rags.

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While in mission in India with the Allan Rich Ministries the Holy Spirit fell with power on this tribal village. This video is part of an exceptional and exclusive serie you can find on www.sharing-center.com on the "missions" page.

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Blueberry Hill - Cours de piano-jazz par Antoine Hervé

Partition et conseils sur http://antoineherve.com/products/blue... Pour des cours encore plus complets, venez faire un tour sur http://antoineherve.com/pages/les-lec...

Emerald Isle Album

The Emerald Isle (Title Theme) 0:00 She Wove a Clock of Many Yarns 8:07 The Jolly Beggar 13:51 Fair, Brown and Trembling 17:17 Yellow Lily 24:16 Keester McGee's Favorite Drinking Song 29:53 The Rose of Tralee / Danny Boy 33:13 The Enchanted Valley / Farewell to Ireland / Calínan Tí Mhoír 41:43 Spike Island Lasses / Seín Sa Cheo 47:18 Amanda's Wedding 50:59 | Album title: Emerald Isle

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Crooked Jack

Winter Sessions at Cooper's 2008 - Crooked Jack Song - Old Missouri Moon Performers - John Schneller, Rob Lampe & Jim Helman www.morivcc.org

1 in 3 Men Would Rape: According to Feminists

So apparently 1 in 3 men would rape if there were no consequences...well considering that fact that the study was misrepresented and poorly applied...I can say that is just disgusting feminist propaganda patreon.com/BASSFZz Mr1001nights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7h9A... original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVP_9... Factual Feminist on Sexual assault: https://www.yo...

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U2 - Gloria

Video music of Gloria, by U2. All rights reserved to UMG.

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The Truth About ATHEISM 7 - It's NOT Scientific [Matt Dillahunty explains its "world-view"]

PART 8 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmF_pW... Everyone knows Atheism is "scientific" and Theism is based on primitive religious beliefs and superstitions. Unfortunately, what "everyone knows" is actually wrong. This video explains why, and how it got that way. PS. "SCIENCE" shows ATHEISTS DO NOT EXIST: http://www.science20.com/writer_on_th... Atheists who claim to be Atheists bas...

The celtic circle 2.wmv

Song of the collection The Celtic Circle with photos of the Park Fatima in Erechim, Brazil

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Kraja - Den signade dag (live 2013) | Swedish and English lyrics below

Från SVT:s sändning av Luciakonserten i Olaus Petri kyrka, Örebro, 2013-12-13 ----- TEXT (English below) Den signade dag som vi här nu se Av himmelen till oss nedkomma Han blive oss säll, han låte sig te Oss alla till glädje och fromma Ja, Herren den högste oss alla i dag För synder och sorger bevare Den signade dag, den signade tid Var morgon jag månde betänka Då nådenes sol s...

Gaelic Song

The first song on our newest Cd, Long Time traveling. This is a waulking song, a rhythmic song, usual sung a cappella, used by the women of the village to help them stay together as they worked the wool. The first line would be sung by the leader, then the rest of the group would sing "nonsense" lines together in response sort of like our Fa la la la.

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Bumbo - Moondog

I am surprised this is the first upload of it

The Walls of Liscarrol (Clarsach Celtic Harp)

My daughter Josephine playing her Trinity replica. Traditional Irish...

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Grabado en vivo el 7 de marzo de 2013 en Casa de Presencia, El Progreso, Jutiapa, Guatemala. facebook/casadepresenciamusic twitter@casaDpresencia agendacasadepresencia@gmail.com

Scottish Pipe Band Music: Highland Cathedral

A very nice Scottish Pipe Band tune. Hope you all enjoy it.