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AJ Styles - Rise

video i made for AJ Styles used 2 songs boyh my skillet called "Good to be alive" and "Not going to die" NO RUDE COMMENTS please and thank you hope you guys enjoy

Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay

Slow learning tempo for the Bonnie Loch Fiddle Club

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George Galloway vs Ian Blackford on Scots Nats - BBC Radio 2 - 16th September 2014

Overly aggressive Scottish nationalists discussed by George Galloway with the SNP's Ian Blackford.

With All My Heart

Linda sings With All My Heart by Babbie Mason!!! Enjoy!!!

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Twelfth Day - Routes to Roots, Brazil - video diary 1

Twelfth Day head to Brazil to begin the third part of their international folk music sharing project Routes to Roots. Spending the first few days discovering the music of Rio De Janeiro, Catriona and Esther visit a choro school dedicated to preserving the traditional music of Rio. Follow our blog for more updates: http://twelfthdaymusic.tumblr.com/

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DUHARA gerry oconnor

traditional irish band duhara in 1978 with a very young gerry oconnor on banjo http://www.bebo.com/aljd5958

"The Pig" Music Video

Official music video for "The Pig" from the album "Nervosa", part 2 of a double album, read along, story/record extravaganza: "Anorexia Nervosa". Directed by The Porter Brothers for In The Boat Productions. myspace.com/intheboatproductions

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BBC ALBA - Cuirm @ Celtic : Salsa Celtica at the Old Fruitmarket (4/6)

Aon de na còmhlain is èasgaidh ann an Ceòl Dùthchasach, Salsa Celtica, le Julie Fowlis 's Kathleen NicAonghais. World Music favourites Salsa Celtica with friends.

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'Jump Steady' ('Pine Top' Smith) - Bill Westcott

'Jump Steady' by 'Pine Top' Smith performed by Bill Westcott, January 10, 2011 at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. Produced by Paul Yedema of yedemedia.com.

Get your horse off to the right start for clicker training (1 of 3 - De-spooking Series)

Learn how to use positive reinforcement training to establish great manners around food. Positive/clicker training is amazing but it is very important to get a correct start and this video can show you some of the things to keep in mind as you proceed. Part 1 of a 3 part series on de-spooking your horse. www.shawnakarrasch.com ****Accompanying Blog post: http://shawnakarrasch.com/blog/201...

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rainy spring day (PA)

improv in cgcgcd

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This video number is not available. Please click here to see more in the current range.

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Maclaim en mexico 1

graffiti en galeria CAsa del lago Chapulyepec

My Town, My Home, My Coatbridge

My Town, My Home, My Coatbridge

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NIV Audio Bible, Pure Voice: Revelation, Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat audiobook

This is more than a Bible you listen to; it's an experience that helps you enter God's Word ... so God's Word can enter you. This audio download of Revelation is narrated by George Sarris, a well-known spokesperson for several Fortune 500 companies and a talented communicator who has a passion for the Word of God.

Basel Tattoo Parade 2009 1/3

Das Basel Tattoo ist eine Tattoo-Show, die seit 2006 jedes Jahr im Juli in der Schweizer Stadt Basel stattfindet. Sie ist inhaltlich an das Edinburgh Military Tattoo angelehnt und nach ihm die zweitgrösste Tattoo-Veranstaltung weltweit. Das Basel Tattoo wurde 2006 durch das Basler Top Secret Drum Corps erstmals initiiert, nachdem das Corps ein Jahr zuvor am Edinburgh Military Tattoo grosse E...

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History: War fought by PRC: 1950 China UN Korean conflict Historical Event PRC China History 1950 Beijing US UN USA American Korea Korean conflict war 38th parallel Panmunjom peace treaty Chinese General Peng De Huai DeHuai Clark Harrison

Maranatha Singers - Lord, You Are So Precious To Me

Lord, You are so precious to me Lord, You are so precious to me And I love You Yes, I love You Because You first loved me.