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Jimmy O'Brien Moran - Drunken Landlady, Shaskeen Reels

http://www.celticturntable.com/ Jimmy O'Brien Moran Drunken Landlady, Shaskeen Reels

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Irish Hearts - Mary and her soldier lyrics slideshow

love the irish accent in this song! i fyou have an accent i'd love to hear it!

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Catching Fire Audiobook Chapter 1 Part 1 The Spark

Hey guys this is my first video and I thought I'd read a popular sequel for you guys. This is just a quick sample of what I plan on doing. If you guys like it and want more I will gladly finish the book and more. I do not not own anything but my voice copyrights go to The Hunger Games Catching Fire that was written by Suzanne Collins. Thanks for listening I hope you all enjoy! Please feel free ...

Ricky Dillard - Awesome Praise Break

Ricky Dillard & New G Get Performance Tracks here: http://holypurpose.bandcamp.com/album...

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No te lo tomes personal ft. Juana Ríos

Admítelo, no le vas a caer bien a todo el mundo. Lo siento, pero es la verdad. ¿Pero cómo puedes lidiar con todo esto sin morir en el intento? Ayúdame a compartir este video si te gustó para que más gente pueda ver que hay formas de lidiar con los haters. Para ver más de Juana, visita su canal: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cornamente Y síguela en @ItsJuanaBitch ¡Gracias! Sígueme ...



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Missing Time by Wullie Scott (New Version)

New arrangement of Richard Wongs great tune Missing Time. Id like to hear what you think, especially if you listened to my first version.

Updated Room Storage & Tour

Hello everyone here is an updated peak into my room and how I've stored things! I had some requests to do an updated one so here it is! Fingers crossed I'll keep it tidy. If in doubt most furniture is from IKEA but if you have any questions tweet me @barbarapbabe. Hope you enjoy! Old room tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6qs2...

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Comet Elenin supposedly seen over Romania by thousands (1ST OCTOBER 2011)

Frightening phenomenon in the sky of Leresti, a village from Argeş county, Romania. A cloud of fire shaped as a comet, appeared in the evening and terrified the locals. Comet-like fire cloud appeared in the sky of Arges county, Romania. NASA: reddish cloud related to Elenin Witnessing for the first time such a phenomenon, the villagers prayed not to come the end of the world. Leresti r...

"Going Home" - Angus MacPhail at the Skippinish Ceilidh House

Date: Friday 1st July 2010 Venue: Skippinish Ceilidh House, Oban, Argyle and Bute, Scotland, UK Band: Angus MacPhail Song: "Going Home" - Angus MacPhail; Accordion, Vocals, Dance Caller - Scot Wilson; Accordion, Piano, Bass - Amy Henderson; Accordion - Seonaidh MacIntyre; Highland Pipes - Neil Ewart - Alasdair Murray; Bagpipes Although we only went to Oban for the day, and our tim...

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9/8 Marches

Here's a wee video of me playing a couple of 9/8 Pipe Marches. The tunes are The Battle Of The Somme and The Heights Of Dargai.

Bradley's Best Picture picks on CNN: See this, skip that!

Us Weekly movie editor Bradley Jacobs stopped by CNN to suggest a strategy for seeing the most crucial of the nine Best Picture candidates in the days before the Oscars. If you can see only one: Make it "12 Years a Slave." Time for two? Get to "Dallas Buyers Club." With room to squeeze in a third, bolt to "Blue Jasmine." Follow BJ @BradleyJacobs

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Weaving Lilt

The Alma College Women's Glee Club sings "Weaving Lilt" at the 2011 spring concert on the campus of Alma College in Michigan.

Robert Pattinson - Sweet dreams

Robert Pattinson - Sweet dreams Music: Lenny Kravitz - Beleive In Me Rob & chocolate - а что выберешь ты?

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Peking to Paris Rally

Wandering round the Place Veldome in Paris looking at the cars which completed the Peking to Paris challenge

Robert Pattinson - Confessa

Клип про ПРЕКРАСНОГО на очень красивую песню Adriano Chelentano "Confessa" I DO NOT OWN MOVIE, FOTO OR MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO!