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Special Events in a Chorister's year

I directed, shot and edited this film for Salisbury Cathedral.

O'Donnell Abu - Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem

O'Donnell Abu from the LP: The Makem & Clancy Concert

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John Gorka - Blue Chalk

New Bedford Summerfest, New Bedford, Mass., July 4, 2009.

Montserrat Figueras - In memoriam - La folía "Yo soy la locura"

En homenaje a la gran cantora catalana de todos que apreciaban su personalidad y arte. Siempre se qudara en nuestra memoria, gracias a la música que nacía en ella. 15.03.1942 - 23.11.2011 Henri du Bailly (¿? - 1637). Soprano - Montserrat Figueras Arpa - Andrew Lawrence-King Percusión - Pedro Estevan

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Dual - An Eala Bhán

Please, read the description I do not own none: the song or the image. This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am posting the Julie Fowlis's and Muireann' collaboration album, hoping you all enjoy. Please, do not download this song if you do not own the album or if you do not have plans on buying it. Buy it at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dual-%C3%89amon... Song's informat...

Kepler: The Search for Earth-Size Planets Begins

Since its launch in March, 2009, the Kepler Mission has announced the discovery of 9 confirmed exoplanets (or planets outside our solar system). This video explores how the team works to combine photometry from the spacecraft, data from ground-based observatories and precise asteroseismic analysis to determine if Earths are common or rare in our Galaxy. For more information about the Kepler ...

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1994 Campanha de Lula contra FHC para a presidência

1994 - Campanha de Lula contra FHC para a presidência.avi

WorldSong - An Olympic Gala : National Youth Choir of Great Britain : Royal Albert Hall : NYCGB

We are singing in Royal Albert Hall in Association as part of National Youth Choir of Great Britain. The theme was WorldSong - An Olympic Gala, celebrating music across the world. http://facebook.com/g3nair http://gayatrinair.com

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Pt 2 Africa's EYE OF HORUS Stolen by Illuminati, Ancient Psychology of Egyptian Yoga Revisited

Ancient Ethiopian Dual Eyes of Horus, Egyptian Yoga Revisited RT & LIKE, POST & SHARE! WATCH [VIDEO] SUBSCRIBE, JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING, Click http://RastafariGroundation.com VISIT, For More Info, Click Here http://LOJSociety.org | TWEET [TWITTER] https://twitter.com/LOJSociety [FACEBOOK] https://www.facebook.com/EthiopianWor... [[[DONATE TO RAS IADONIS MINISTRIES*******]]] $5...

Wagner ~ The Ring - Forest Murmurs

The World Rose: http://richardbrittain.wordpress.com/... From Siegfried, the third part of the Ring tetralogy.

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Hutterite Serenade.wmv

Acapella song by a group of Hutterites, mostly girls. They have no music instructor, no sheet music, no instruments. Songs are learned by ear and passed from one generation to the next, with the harmonies developing organically from the individual vocal ranges of the singers. The video is intentionally blurred to protect the privacy of the singers.

Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden

Verleih uns Frieden Mendelssohn met bariotonsolo Projectkoor Intermezzo 12 november tijdens concert in de Bron. Algehele leiding Jelle Leistra, Orgel Matthijs Breukhoven.

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White Skull - Prisoners of War

Seventh track from the White Skull's new album "Under this flag". Enjoy it

Chopin - Preludio en sol sostenido menor Op 28 Nº 12

Pianista: Claudio Arrau Cabalgata Nocturna -- Alfred Cortot Si tomásemos literalmente las impresiones de Cortot acerca de este preludio ¿podría esta pieza traer a nuestros recuerdos la imagen de un caballo como lo hace, por ejemplo, la Caballería Ligera de Suppe? Quizá si, pero no es un caballo que se pasea con majestuosidad sino uno que huye de pavor.

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Kristen Stewart at the 2013 Oscars

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Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! - Christian hymns of praise

Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! Exaudi Christe. Summo pontifici et universali pape vita! Salvator mundi, tu illum adjuva! Sancta Maria, tu illum adiuva Sancte Petre, tu illum adiuva Sancte Paule, tu illum adiuva Rex Regum. Christus Vincit! Rex Noster. Christus Regnat! Gloria Nostra. Christus Imperat! Ipsi soli imperium, gloria et potestas, per immortalia saecula sae...

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Gairloch & Poolewe Wester Ross. circa 1961 (silent)

A family holiday in Wester Ross. Gairloch & Poolewe. circa 1961 (Silent)

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Teresa Hurt - Piano Lesson On Being A Church Pianist

Teresa Hurt - Piano Lesson On Being A Church Pianist

Jenny Cullen - Wedding Singer - "The First Time"

Jenny Cullen, professional wedding singer & part of Entourage Wedding Band (Ireland). Singing solo slot at The Wedding Journal Show Citywest in September 2011. Available for bookings through www.entourageweddingband.com