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W Stanach Zjednoczonych nie było inkubatorów przedsiębiorczości - Korwin-Mikke (4)

Nagranie pochodzi z witryny ASME: http://www.asme.pl/127749754394036.shtml

atixtaca veracruz

irene montando un toro en atixtaca

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Riding Bryan's Steer!

The bovine got a little excited and bolted!!!!

Looping et Moi

Looping mon poney croisé Welsh et moi. Bah besoin de dire que je suis trop grande pour mon poney car je le monte rarement et c'est un étalon donc il a plus de force bref...

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Randy Goodrum - This Feeling Inside - [STEREO]

You Might Not Know Randy Goodrum, But Most Likely You Have Heard Many Of The Great Songs He Has Written. Do You Know "Who's Holding Donna Now" By Debarge Or Maybe "Oh Sherrie" By Steve Perry? They Were Both Written By Randy.....Along With Many, Many Others That Were Big Hits, Too. Our Featured Song Did Not Do As Well. In Fact, It Didn't Even Chart On The "Hot 100". "This Feeling Inside" Was Rel...

Thomas Tallis : Mass for four voices - Credo - / Laetitia Nova

Thomas Tallis was an English composer and a church musician in 16th century. Laetitia Nova is a vocal ensemble with Japanese talented singers, established in 1994. Main repertoir is Renaissance church and secular music. Laetitia Nova is a Latin word that means 'new delight'. We are looking for the new delights. Visit http://homepage3.nifty.com/laetitia-n...

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Wolfstone-The Piper and the Shrew

wait for the violin to come in at 1:13

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Cymanfa Ganu - Calon Lan (tune- Blaenwern)

No copyright claim, against any audio or image content, is assumed in the publishing of this video. Copyright is owned by original artist or artists, or their legally appointed representatives. from the 1969 BBC album "Cymanfa Ganu" BBC REC 53M "A hymn-singing festival from Morriston, Glamorgan, in the presence of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales". Recorded at Tabernacle Congr...

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You are my heaven - 3 años

LEER ESTO ANTES DE VER EL VÍDEO PORFAVOOR! · Este video no enseña nuestro gran camino durante estos años, sino donde hemos llegado. No sé ni por donde empezar. Este caballo o pony, como queráis llamarle, es lo mejor que me ha pasado. Parece increíble que ya hayan pasado tres años desde que me lo regalaron y sin duda, al regalarme a Saleroso, me lo regalaron TODO. No siempre han sido flo...

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Lanny Poffo Shoot 1

Lanny discusses Ole Anderson, Ric Flair, and his time in JCP


Yearling injured from Twin Peaks roundup (nothing graphic)

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Debo Band - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Debo Band perform live on KEXP from the Bumbershoot Music Lounge. Recorded September 2, 2012. Tracks: Not Just A Song And Lay Hebesha Yefeker Wegagene Asha Gedawo Host: Quilty 3000 Audio Engineers: Julian Martlew & Kevin Suggs Cameras: Scott Holpainen, Shelly Corbett, Luke Knecht & Jenna Pool Editing: Scott Holpainen http://www.kexp.org http://www.subpop.com/artists/debo_band ...

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Hobo Blues Band - Tobacco Road

Tiltott gyümölcs 1988 VISSZA A GYÖKEREKHEZ Tobacco Road (J.D.Loudermilk) magyar szöveg:Földes László Hobo - ének Póka Egon - basszusgitár, szólógitár, ének Tóth János Rudolf - szólógitár, ének Fuchs János - billentyűs hangszerek Döme Dezső - dobok A Tiltott gyümölcs album felvétele 1988. október 23-án és 30-án a Lágymányosi Közösségi Házban készült, kétszer 400 ember előtt. Az anyag...

The Song of the Lamb By Michael Card

A song By Michael Card - The song of the Lamb