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Raptor Ultrasonic Imaging Flaw Detector

The RAPTOR High Performance... Full Featured Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Full Imaging in one! All for the price of a STANDARD Flaw Detector. See full details on our website http://www.advanced-ndt.co.uk

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Hebridean Celtic Festival 2011...Manran

Manran at the Festival Club

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Can a Pro-Israel Jew Serve on UCLA's Student Judicial Board?

Explanation here http://legalinsurrection.com/2015/02/...

‘Putin’s Ukraine War is Back’: Bloomberg report warns of fresh fighting in east Ukraine

Over the last few weeks there’s been an increase in the fighting in eastern Ukraine and also an increase in Russia’s military presence. That statement has been made by NATO, US military commanders and Ukraine’s presence all while Russia continues to deny it has sent any of its troops to Ukraine. Today, we take a look at what international media has been reporting about the surge in aggression...

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Runrig, In Search of Angels

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, 1/4/14. One of the Party on the Tour concerts to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary. From the album of the same name.

Ele me Ama - Livres para Adorar (legendado)

Musica Muito Linda Do Ministério Livres Para Adorar No Novo CD ''Mais Um Dia''...

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Runrig - The Dancing Floor (Live version)

Really Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers are dancing to Cole Porter's "Night and Day" But enjoy them with Runrig's "The Dancing Floor" from "BBC Session and Live at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow '96" Find lyrics to "The Dancing Floor" and every other Runrig song: http://runrig.rocks/lyrics/index.html

l'attitude des autorités religieuses vis à vis des guerres de nos jours

Mohammed Arkoun est né en 1928 à Taourirt-Mimoun (Ath Yenni), un village kabyle du nord de l'Algérie est un intellectuel algérien, philosophe et historien de l'islam. Un des professeurs les plus influents dans l'étude islamique contemporaine[1], il est professeur émérite dhistoire de la pensée islamique à la Sorbonne (Paris-III), et enseigne l« islamologie appliquée », discipline qu'il a dével...

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Parelli Advancing Liberty with David Lichman and Katja Schumann 2014

A recap of our amazing students' educational experience at the Pagosa Springs Parelli Center in June of 2014.

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Leo's iPhone 5 unboxing on The Social Hour #78

Leo's iPhone 5 unboxing on The Social Hour with Sarah Lane and Amber Mac.

Gilles Binchois: Se la belle

Binchois was a contemporary of Guilliame Dufay, and the leading composer at the court of Burgundy during the middle third of the fifteenth century. Binchois is remembered primarily for his secular chansons, for which composition he was known during his lifetime as at least the equal of Dufay. His entire creative life was spent in Burgundy, and so his style is less varied – more grounded – th...

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Come Thou Fount - Jason Waller (Acoustic)

Just messing around with a hymn that I haven't led much in church. Making videos can help me familiarize with songs and hymns... Instruments included are acoustic guitar, mandoline, and bass guitar. Not that polished and recorded in just about an hour or two -so thanks for your grace.

Väsen - En timme i Ungern/ One hour in Hungary

Heavyweights in the nordic folk music scene, Väsen are a Swedish group combining the talents of Olov Johansson (nyckelharpa), Mikael Marin (viola), Roger Tallroth (guitar) and André Ferrari (percussion). The band has also released a number of albums as a trio without Ferrari. The title means "one hour in Hungary". In this video there are some pictures from Hungary.

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Taylor Swift - Safe and Sound (the Hunger Games Acoustic Cover) Weapons of Hope

This is our acoustic cover of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars. No matter how unsettled you feel, or what crisis you are in currently, you are safe in His arms. If you are His, He is holding you securely in the palm of His hands. Great job to Lydia and Daniel on this song. Great job everyone on playing, recording, filming, and editing the final video and song!

Highland Amateur Cup 2004 - Back FC

Back FC from the Isle of Lewis won the 2004 Macleod IFA Highland Amateur Cup beating Avoch FC 2-1 with goals from Kevin Murray and Michael Mackay.

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Parelli show

Great freestyle riding extract from "Natural leads and leads change" from Parelli

Johannes Ockeghem: Planctus sur la mort de Binchois 3/4 Retoricque, se Dieu me gard

Johannes Ockeghem (1420-96) was the most important composer of his generation in the Flemish school that dominated Renaissance music. Possibly a pupil of the eminent composer Gilles Binchois (1400-1460), Ockeghem served as composer and choirmaster to three French kings: Charles VII, Louis XI, and Charles VIII. At his death, a Déploration (lament) was composed by his pupil (according to tr...