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la vie n'est pas facile / Patricia Carli

La vie n est pas toujours facile, mais il suffit de redresser la tête, D'affronter certaines adversités, Avec beaucoup de sincérité. Suivre son coeur, ses pensées, Ses choix et ses propres idées, C'est alors et seulement ainsi, que l'on deviens acteur de sa vie !

Face The West Heb Celt Fest 2009

Face The West Heb Celt Fest 2009

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Kristen Stewart Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn UK Premiere Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Please don't forget to Like/Favourite/Comment/Share to twitter or facebook this video! :) xx Want to know what I am up to daily etc? Follow me on TWITTER!: http://www.twitter.com/tanyaburr I'm on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/h5FC1H Subscribe to MY SECOND CHANNEL if you would like to see my fashion and style videos!: http://www.youtube.com/tanyasvlogsand... My website: http://www.tan...

Karim Tizouiar (Ay ul-iw anef-as)

Spéciale dédicace à mon ami Aghrive06

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Irish Music and the Emerald Isle

Beautiful celtic music with lovely photos of Ireland

Lacuna with Brian Finnegan - Road to Errogie - Samhain festival 2012

Brian Finnegan supporting the Lacuna band on their first album presentation at Samhain festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia http://samhainspb.ru/ http://soundcloud.com/lacunafolk Съемка: О. Лимарев, А. Перкин, О. Кулдина

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Let's Play! Hatoful Boyfriend (20): The Happy Couple

And thus concludes Shuu's storyline, and the entire romance portion of this game. Up next: Fulfilling the Promise BIIIG thanks to Jay for joining me on these last two episodes! If you're interested in joining in on the fun, check out my Patreon and see if you want to be a $10+ supporter- as being asked to join me in an episode is one of the bonuses! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.c...

CWU Chamber Choir/Gjeilo: "Ubi Caritas" with piano improv

Composer/pianist Ola Gjeilo joins the CWU Chamber Choir (Gary Weidenaar, director) in presenting Gjeilo's "Ubi Caritas". In mid-April, 2011, Ola spent 3 days on the Central Washington University Campus for a project in which he joined the choir in recording 3 of his compositions. On this video, Gjeilo adds an improvised accompaniment (in a one-take rendition) to his setting of the Ubi Carita...

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North Sea Gas - Schiehallion

Written by Gordon Menzies of Gaberlunzie: Here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxKxpl...

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SODA STEREO - Trátame Suavemente - 1987 | 1997 | 2007 - Chile

Edición multicámara de Chile conciertos Festival Viña del Mar 1987 + Último Concierto 1997 + Me Verás Volver 2007. by FlacoStereo. https://www.facebook.com/FlacoStereo.Ok https://twitter.com/FlacoStereo El audio corresponde al de Viña del Mar 1987

" آفقن " : بحث في أصل الإنسان الليبي القديم

القديم فيلم وثائقي "آفقن" : بحث في أصل الإنسان الليبي. Afgan : Aux origines d'Imazighen en Libye. Documentaire Tawalt. ________________________________________<wbr>­___ amazigh imazighen derna barqa barca benghazi berber "préhistoire de l'Afrique du Nord" libya libye "Charles Mac Burney" Barich Barbara prehistory North Africa NeolithicPaleolithic Cave Haua fteah ras hilal soussa cyrenaic...

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Berbanya à la Fete de la musique - Mont-Tremblant

Berbanya à la Fete de la musique - Mont-Tremblant / lundi 1er septembre 2014 de 13h00 à 14h. Si vous voulez connaitre ce groupe berbère: http://www.berbanya.com/

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The Irish Rover

Danced at Portadown Summer Party, 20th May 2009

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Lotti: Crucifixus / Rattle · Rundfunkchor Berlin

Full-length concert: http://www.digitalconcerthall.com/con... Antonio Lotti: Crucifixus / Sir Simon Rattle, conductor · Rundfunkchor Berlin · Simon Halsey, chorus master / Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 18 September 2011 The Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall: http://www.digitalconcerthall.com Subscribe to our newsletter: http://www.digitalconcerthall.com/new... Website ...

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Rabah Asma à Montréal : non stop!

Enchaînement envoutant en non stop de Rabah Asma sur scène à Montréàl le 8 mars 2008!

A simple Standing Wave Interferometer

Webstore: skyhunt.net This video shows the construction of a simple standing wave interferometer using a custom transparent CdS thin film sensor cast on glass. Also uses piezo actuators to generate a repetitive AC signal as the counter-propagating waves move through the sensor. Designed by Doug Marett .