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The Powerage in "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock And Roll" degli AC:DC.

The Powerage live dall' Auditorium della Casa della Musica di Cervignano del Friuli in "It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock And Roll" degli AC/DC The Powerage : Anastasia Zamparo: Voce Ester Petenel: Chitarra Lorenzo Contadini: Chitarra Daniele Irto: Basso Gabriele Tuniz: Batteria Questa band partecipa al progetto "Vivi la Musica, Viva la Musica" II° edizione (2012/20...

New Mexico braces for bear season

New Mexico braces for bear season

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AIT MENGUELLET - Rouh adquimagh

Une chonson de ait menguelete ..une des plus anciennes et connue ...que j'aime bcp a partagé avec ceux qui sont nostalgiques comme moi ....

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The Clew Bay Pipe Band: Lullaby

The Clew Bay Pipe Band play a lullaby at their concert at The Castlacourt Hotel, Westport 22.11.2013

Bagad de Lann Bihoue

le Bagad de Lann Bihoue pendant le festival Interceltique de Lorient. Breizh Atao.

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Parents, Families & Friends - Rich and David Speakman

Rich and David Speakman, the first gay couple to be married in Santa Clara County following the California Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage in May 2008, talk about what their marriage means to them and their families. http://www.pflag.org and http://www.pflagsanjose.org

Badume's Band & Selamnesh Zemene feat. Zenash Tsegaye @ FIATAA (Tamanrasset)

Selamnesh Zéméné : Chant Zenash Tsegaye : Danse Stéphane Le Dro : Saxophone Tenor Pierre-Yves Merel : Saxophone Tenor Rudy Blas : Guitare électrique Olivier Guénégo : Rhodes, Orgue Hammond & Galanti Charles Lucas : Basse Antonin Volson : Batterie Jonathan Volson : Percussions Yanna Plougoulm : son Tour : INNACOR contact@innacor.com

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noreddine staifi khelliwni nebki

fi khatar nes stif , une des belles chansons de cet artiste prématurément disparu , de son vivant la scene musicale du genre sétifien n était pas ouverte limene habba wa debba et vous connaissez bien les noms ya ness stif


Oh Flower of Scotland When will we see your like again That fought and died for Your wee bit hill and glen And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward To think again The hills are bare now And autumn leaves lie thick and still O'er land that is lost now Which those so dearly held That stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward ...

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Tenor banjo set -- Jackie Coleman's / Coachman's Whip / Trip to Durrow

If this set seems somehow familiar to those of you who watch my videos that's because it's a rerecord of the last video I uploaded of one of my favorite reel sets. Someone complained about my apparent obsession lately with my electric mandolin and requested more tenor banjo. Request granted, I suppose.

kids' Christmas treasure hunt

Grandmama leads the kids on a treasure hunt for their Christmas surprise!

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McKayla's Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2013

About a year and a half ago my wife had lost her engagement ring that I proposed to her with. Since then she has constantly been reminded of it. For our 5th Christmas together I decided that she deserved to have another ring on that pretty little finger of hers. The series of events that have happened in our lives made this a perfect opportunity to surprise her. We were married in Boston May 11...

Play Scottish Music - Captain Campbell Accordion Lesson

Visit http://www.playscottishmusic.com and use the code SMFS44 to find the sheet music fiddle version. On http://www.playscottishmusic.com find more great accordion lessons from Sandy - Accordion Lesson 7 Captain Campbell This is a great driving strathspey which is very popular at sessions . Please 'like' us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ScotlandsMusic DVD'S: to find more T...

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Immigration Law Divides Washington DC-Area Community

Both sides of the U.S. immigration debate have tried to claim victory after the Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's tough immigration law. The Court upheld a provision of the law that allows local police to check the immigration status of people stopped or detained on some other legitimate basis. But critics argue there are other unintended consequences of these laws that could invite future ...

Introduction to Inflation

Basics of price inflation and the CPI (consumer price index) More free lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=Aa...

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شؤون أمازيغية أحمد عصيد أحمد الدغرني قناة تمازيغت

شؤون أمازيغية أحمد عصيد أحمد الدغرني قناة تمازيغت السيد أحمد عصيد الأستاذ الباحث والناشط الأمازيغي المناضل و الناشط الأمازيغي الأستاذ أحمد الدغرني قناة تمازيغت (الثامنة - الأمازيغية ) الخميس 24 ماي 2012 شبكة و منتديات إداوسملال http://www.idaosamlal.com مدونة سملالة http://www.samlala.com تويتر إداوسملال http://www.twitter.com/idaosamlal قناة إداوسملال على اليوتيوب http:/...