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Airplane Slot Machine Bonus - Great Win but not Sdguy worthy!

Airplane Slot Machine Bonus at Aria on 9/5/2013- Good Win! To read our Las Vegas Trip reports go to: http://www.lasvegasdaze.com

Fred Morrison 1

Actuación de este maestro de la gaita

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No Place Like Home Zinfandel Festival Paso Robles

This weekend, a celebration is going on in Paso Robles of one of the most popular wines that comes from our area. It's Zin-Fest or Zinfandel Festival Paso Robles. It's been around a long time. And there's a reason it's so popular. It's the focus of this week's No Place Like Home. When you take a taste of a Northern San Luis Obispo county Zinfindel, you're doing more than sampling what is ...

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Airswe - Sweet Britches (Airwolf theme)

Airwolf Season 2 Episode 1 1. Airwolf Lair startup theme 2. Hunting Hawke theme 3. Airwolf flying in at the Pope County Jail where Sheriff J.J. Bogan waiting. https://soundcloud.com/airswe A remake made by me. All rights reserved. Originally done by Sylvester Levay & Ian Freebairn-Smith in 1984-1986

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Craig Ferguson - Secretariat Dance!

Ring in 2011 with a Secretariat Dance!

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The Beverly Hillbillies 1-15 Jed Rescues Pearl (1963)

Since Mr. Brewster doesn't want to get married, and the whole county knows that Cousin Pearl had her hat set for him, Jed comes up with a plan for her to save face by having Mr. Brewster proposed in public and then have her turn him down. Jed didn't count on Mr. Brewster's background in the theater and him making a huge production out of it. (IMDB) - Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Dougla...

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The Beverly Hillbillies 1-30 Duke Becomes a Father (1963)

Mlle. Denise comes back for the birth of her dog's puppies, and to see Jed. They do some "courtin' and sparkin'" Mrs. Drysdale isn't nearly so happy when she finds the puppies share more in common with Duke the bloodhound than Claude the poodle. (IMDB) - Stars: Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer Jr. Please click on my name to visit my channel. There is a lot more to see: Poetry ...

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Fife Foxhounds 8th November 2014

Footage taken by Perthshire Hunt Sabs of a dig out carried out by Fife Foxhounds. Perthshire Hunt Sabs and Grampian Hunt Sabs had teamed up to stop this happening, but sadly we were too late to save this fox on the day and had to witness this Foxes Horrific Death, Please help events like this become a horror of the past and not something that should be happening in a civilised society

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Review: Legendary Ranger Action Heroes - Wave 4 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Ranger Action Heroes - Wave 4 $9.99 from ToysRUs.com $11.99 from Amazon.com Available at Most Major Retailers --- Blog Post: http://wp.me/pJgaa-22r Toku Toys from CSToys: http://tinyurl.com/9lc676o Join the Fullscreen Network and become a partner: http://apply.fullscreen.net/fullscree... --- To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers, the Super Megaforce "Action Heroe...

The Kesh Jig - Irish Guitar - DADGAD Fingerstyle Double Jig

Tabs, scores & DVD available at MusTraDem : http://minilien.fr/a0m1q3 Tablatures, partions & DVD disponible chez MusTraDem : http://minilien.fr/a0m1q2 Tablature guitare de Trad Magazine n°148. "The Kesh" est une double jig qui figure parmi les standards de la musique traditionnelle irlandaise. Je vous propose un arrangement pour guitare DADGAD, très inspiré de la version référence de Bothy B...

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May morning dew & The morning thrush (by The Steam'Box)

The Steam'Box concert privé. Loïc Joucla: uilleann pipes (C Froment flat set) Pierre Goisbault: guitare www.steamboxmusic.com


Rebeca participou do festival de dança VIDANÇA 2014, realizado pela Escola de Dança Vania Reis. O Evento aconteceu no Centro de Convivência Padre Miguel.