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Food Sensitivity: What Is In 75% of Your Food & Making You Sick

http://www.healthnowmedical.com - Corn prices are rising due to a drought. You don't have to pay more for food if you stop buying corn that causes obesity, Diabetes and heart disease. Learn more from a doctor. - http://www.healthnowmedical.com/contact

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Lawrence Lessig on Net Neutrality and Google-2/2

Law Professor Lawrence Lessig on Net Neutrality, the Rise of Google and His "Change Congress" Project to Take on Corruption in Washington Renowned Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig is one of the world's leading figures in the field of cyberlaw. He joins us for a conversation about today's FCC hearing on net neutrality; Creative Commons; the rise of Google and its efforts to influence publ...

Manatí, portrait of a third-world happy town

HUGO SANTANDER'S intimate documentary on Colombia and Latin-America. How do people manage to survive in a third-world town? What are their expectations, their problems and their dreams? MANATI, PORTRAIT OF THIRD-WORLD HAPPY TOWN is an attempt to answer these and other questions posed by the social and political instability of Colombia. The documentary opens with a 10-minute personal meditation...

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Summer Wrap Up 09

James Kalm is out and about on the last weekend of the Summer 09, to peek at some shows in Brooklyn. Under Minerva, a new gallery and event space associated with Brooklyn Art Project, is located in the up and coming Sunset Park neighborhood. Is this Recyclable? delves into the realm that exists somewhere between the abject and utilitarian. Includes views of work by: Angela Basile, Jasmine Be...

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Lisa Yuskavage at DAVID ZWIRNER

James Kalm scurries through a busy Thursday night of gallery openings in Chelsea to document this debut of Lisa Yuskavages recent paintings. Presenting lusciously painted images of young voluptuous women, the content balances precariously between the obviously pornographic and cutesy sweet realm of girly pulp. This ambiguousness has provoked critical attention and prompted Yuskavage to be con...

M.Cacciari su F.Schettino-De Falco: "Telefonata ridicola, richieste assurde e insensate" (18/01/'12)

Dopo aver difeso in modo appassionato il defunto Don Verzè ("chi non si sporca le mani non combina nulla"), il filosofo Massimo Cacciari, ospite del talk show Agorà, ha spezzato una pesante lancia a favore di Francesco Schettino, il comandante di Costa Concordia, ora agli arresti domiciliari. Secondo Cacciari, la responsabilità della tragedia non è imputabile solo a Schettino, ma anche alla com...

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Radio Sboro - Go limonà un bandon...

Radio Sboro - Go limonà un bandon... Registrato al Bar Paù di Conselve

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Slalom!! Wie bringe ich meinem Hund bei Slalom durch die Beine zu gehen? Hunde Video!

Wie bringe ich meinem Hund bei Slalom durch die Beine zu gehen? Ganz einfach! Schau dir das Video an!!! Video zu Fuß: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUhLs-... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Makar Sankranti makes it a festive Tuesday

From Makar Sankranti, Bhogali Bihu, Lohri, Pongal to Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, a string of festivals lined up on Tuesday will make it a day of celebration of sorts for the city.

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Pliesie dreigt Rutger met gevangenis

Oh jee, gedonder met de pliesie. Deze keer is het menens en is de zaak doorgespeeld aan de afdeling juridische zaken van het korps Amsterdam Amstelland. Wat wil het geval. Onze Rutger en Twan wandelden vanochtend de bunker uit en stuitten voor de deur op een aanrijding. Leuk voor GeenStijl, want onze bezoekers zijn gek op ongelukken. Dus keurig hoor- en wederhoor toepassen, standup maken en mo...

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shark 3 knalvuurwerk

Shark 3 - IL Supremo About us: Limburgs Vuurwerk Team, a group of pyrofreaks recording fireworks in Full HD. Please enjoy our video's and feel free to like / comment or ask a question. Every Sunday Before 5:00 pm / 17 uur new upload! Visit also: http://www.limburgsvuurwerkteam.nl http://www.facebook.com/limburgsvuurw... http://twitter.com/#!/Limburgs_VT

狂草(Kuang Cao) MV - 韩庚 Han Geng

MV of the first single from Han Geng's 2nd album 寒更.