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A free, useful, intuitive tool for YouTube videos analysis.
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Analyze Videos Growth

Watch a video's growth since the day it was uploaded and keep track of it, daily.

When you find the video you want to track, click on the "Follow" button and you will start following this video's performance, including Views, Likes and Dislikes!

If available, you also get to watch this video's growth since the day it was uploaded.

The Information You Needed

We gather all sorts of information of YouTube videos.


We have data for their web and social presence, news, revenue estimates, overviews, statistics, growth, ratings, and much more.

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Up to date

Always Updating

We are constantly adding new features to improve more and more our database and your user experience.

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Established in 2014, we provide easy, free, intuitive, and comprehensive analysis for YouTube videos. We include overviews, statistics, revenue estimates, social acitivity, presence on the web, news, and much more.

Be sure to always keep up-to-date with us as we are always adding more videos, features, and data.

Start by searching for a video and prepare to be amazed!